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Year: 2020


This open-source AI tool can make your video spectacular with sky replacement effects

[ad_1] Sky replacement tools are extremely popular in the current crop of photp-editing apps. Mobile apps such as Lighttricks’ Lightleap help you put up a new sky on your picture quickly. While for a more refined option, you may want to…


Apple’s macOS Big Sur is now available to download

[ad_1] Apple’s latest and greatest desktop OS, macOS Big Sur, is finally available for public consumption — just in time for the new Macs. Big Sur has been in beta since WWDC, and it brings a multitude of aesthetic and…


3 lessons for every newbie founder competing with industry veterans

[ad_1] It’s hard to believe it’s been almost five years since I began my entrepreneurial journey within an industry I had heard was nearly impossible to break into, let alone as a young entrepreneur in my 20s. The 3D bioprinting…


Google Photos may lock some new features behind a paywall

[ad_1] If you ask me, Google Photos is Mountain View’s best piece of software since Gmail. It offers offers useful organization and editing features that tend to be easier and more effective than those on other apps. But according to…


Spotify will now allow you to stream songs directly from your Apple Watch

[ad_1] Spotify is finally rolling out an update to its Apple Watch app that’ll allow you to stream songs directly from the device. Previously, the app acted like a remote to the iPhone app, and you could only control the…


To reach net-zero carbon emissions, we must address social inequalities

[ad_1] With COP26, the UN’s climate change conference, on the horizon next year in Glasgow, all eyes are on securing the decarbonization of the global economy. What this will mean and how it will be achieved will be hotly debated…