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If you’re looking for an electric shuttle bus for your organization, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about Xcelsior electric shuttle buses and GreenPower EV Star electric shuttle buses. You can also read about the Pegasus Bus and Starcraft E-Quest XL electric shuttle buses. And, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on these electric shuttle buses. We’ll also be reviewing our favorite electric shuttle bus manufacturers.

GreenPower EV Star

The GreenPower EV Star electric shuttle bus is an industry-first, zero-emission minibus with a range of up to 150 miles. Designed with battery power as the main consideration, this battery-electric minibus has a unique unibody construction and a ten-year life expectancy. These buses are suitable for numerous transportation applications and feature 19 seats. For greater flexibility, the EV Star is available in ADA, wheelchair-accessible, and standard passenger configurations.

The EV Star is available in several models and is the first fully electric school bus. The company plans to increase its production capacity of EV Star electric shuttle buses to meet the demand. Eventually, the company plans to sell the EV Star variant to other bus companies, providing them with the necessary components. While GreenPower does not provide specific financial guidance, the company plans to achieve a gross profit margin of 30 percent. In the meantime, it expects to sell out its remaining inventory.

The company will present its EV Star ADA at APTA’s Transform Conference and Expo on May 10, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. PDT. The EV Star will be on display along with its sister bus, the BEAST, during the conference. GreenPower also plans to host Ride and Drive events at the conference to promote awareness of the EV Star electric shuttle bus.

Xcelsior buses

The Xcelsior electric shuttle bus is an excellent example of an environmentally friendly transportation option. Built with All Electric components, this electric bus has no need for power-sucking hydraulic systems. Its power steering and pneumatic accessories are powered by electric air compressors. Designed and manufactured by New Flyer, this bus is made with the help of numerous Minnesota companies. To learn more, please visit xcelsiorbus.com.

Metro recently announced the purchase of 20 battery-electric buses from New Flyer of America Inc., the world’s leading independent mass mobility solutions company. The company will supply twenty more 60-foot zero-emission buses to the company’s customers. The city has a long-term goal to operate 100 percent zero-emission buses by 2040. By using the Xcelsior electric bus for city transportation, the company is making an important step toward reducing emissions and providing equitable access to sustainable transportation.

The Xcelsior electric bus will travel over 200 miles on a single charge. The battery pack will carry between 100 and 818 kWh. The buses will also include charging stations for electric buses. The purchase of the buses is supported by New York State Electric Vehicle Voucher Incentive Funds. These funds focus on the development of clean vehicle technologies in the state. With the help of this program, New Flyer will be able to provide electric shuttle buses to municipalities in New York.

Starcraft E-Quest XL

The Colton Joint Unified School District in San Bernardino County, California, recently received two all-electric Type C Starcraft eQuest XL school buses powered by Motiv Power Systems. The buses have flexible seating and support wheelchair access. Up to eight wheelchairs can be accommodated in the buses, which are capable of carrying up to 48 passengers. They are certified by the California Highway Patrol and will begin operation in the next few weeks. The district has entrusted its services and support to Creative Bus Sales, who will be the local bus dealer.

This all-electric school bus is built on a Ford E-450 chassis and is powered by an advanced electric drivetrain from Phoenix Motorcars. The buses feature a five-year, 100-kilowatt battery and are backed by a standard warranty. They are designed for use by school districts that are committed to environmental sustainability. Other features of the Starcraft E-Quest XL include welded steel cage body construction, backup camera, child check checkmate, and LED lighting.

The company behind the new school bus is partnering with Creative Bus Sales to develop an all-electric version of the bus for LAUSD. The new bus is being developed by Motiv Power Systems in partnership with national bus dealership Creative Bus Sales. The Starcraft e-Quest XL electric shuttle bus is expected to carry 48 passengers and will have an all-electric range of up to 85 miles. This vehicle will be able to recharge in two hours.

Pegasus Bus

The new electric shuttle bus from Pegasus Bus is the result of a partnership between Creative Vehicle Sales and Pegasus Specialty Vehicles, a company based in Dunkirk, Ohio. The new partnership will see the company build Type A school buses, paratransit buses and electric buses with a Zeus Electric Chassis Power Platform. Pegasus is pursuing certifications from Ford and GM as a Qualified Vehicle Modifier.

The electric shuttle buses carry up to 11 people and make hourly trips between Denver and the mountain towns along Interstate 70. Along the way, passengers will see towns such as Lakewood, Idaho Springs, Frisco, Vail, and Avon. The Pegasus bus departs from Denver Union Station every hour, Monday through Friday. The Pegasus buses are wheelchair accessible and equipped with outlets, WiFi and USB ports. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Pegasus buses will get you to your destination on time and in style.

The Pegasus Express offers transit mobility services throughout campus, serving eleven designated stops near the most active buildings. The bus is fully ADA compliant and has plenty of parking for constituents. It also operates continuously on class days and on the weekends. For more information on Pegasus, check out its website. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook. There are plenty of other places you can learn about Pegasus buses.

Xcelsior ZEUS

Powered by its proprietary EV platform, the Xcelsior ZEUS can travel 100 miles and can recharge within three hours. The shuttle’s electric drive system is CARB-approved and eligible for HVIP cash incentives in California. The ZEUS electric shuttle has an eight-year/300,000-mile battery warranty and features precision docking technology. This environmentally friendly shuttle bus also features a low noise level and will not pollute the environment.

This new vehicle will be available in a variety of configurations, with the initial prototype having an all-wheel drive and conventional cab. Further versions will have cab-forward design and front-wheel drive options. These models will be available in Type A school buses as well as paratransit buses. PEGASUS plans to build a wide range of Pegasus-based electric shuttle buses and paratransit buses, enabling them to capture a wide range of markets.

Pegasus has established a dealer network nationwide. The company is HVIP-registered and has extensive expertise in the bus market. Pegasus’ Zeus electric shuttle bus was recently awarded an Executive Order by California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) for model year 2022 Z-19 and Z-22 all-electric work trucks. Upon completion of the development, Pegasus plans to provide service and maintenance for the first few units.

Phoenix ZEUS

The Phoenix ZEUS electric shuttle bus is powered by a proprietary EV platform that delivers up to 100 miles of range in only three hours. The ZEUS is CARB approved and eligible for HVIP cash incentives in California. It is also backed by an eight-year, 300,000-mile battery warranty, and includes 24/7 technical support. The Phoenix ZEUS electric shuttle bus is designed for cities that require a high-performance electric vehicle for its passengers.

The company is developing a third-generation electric powertrain and aiming to have these ready by the end of 2019. With the help of a partnership with SPI Energy, it plans to develop autonomous capabilities on its third-generation electric shuttle bus. The company is also collaborating with EasyMile to prototype its autonomous capabilities. Phoenix Motorcars is a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles for fleets. The company offers several types of vehicles including shuttle buses, school buses, utility trucks, flatbed trucks, walk-in vans, cargo vans, and utility vehicles.

The Phoenix ZEUS electric shuttle bus will serve a variety of different purposes and cities. It is a perfect solution for a variety of transportation needs, and has received numerous awards. Its autonomous features make it ideal for urban transportation. Its innovative design makes it a good choice for the city of Phoenix and its surrounding neighborhoods. Phoenix is a leader in the electric vehicle industry and is committed to helping cities make the switch.


The Xcelsior electric shuttle bus is the next generation in battery-electric technology. Its 40-foot body has seating for forty passengers and is 480 kilowatt-hours of battery power. It can travel over 200 miles on a single charge. The Xcelsior electric bus includes three charging stations. The buses are supported by the New York State Electric Vehicle Voucher Incentive Funds, a program aimed at advancing clean vehicle technologies in the state.

The Xcelsior electric shuttle bus was first introduced in 2014. New Flyer has delivered over thirty battery-electric buses to various transit agencies across the United States. It is the largest transit agency in North America and serves nearly eight million people and sixty million visitors a year. The MTA is one of the seven transit agencies in New York State to use zero-emission buses. This model has MAPS technology and is aimed at increasing the efficiency of its fleet and reducing emissions.

The Xcelsior is expected to arrive at BWI Marshall Airport in a year. The company has already ordered 134 of the new buses. It has an option to buy up to 565 hybrid electric buses. The Xcelsior can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 50 percent and particulate matter levels by 100%. It can carry 84 passengers in its 40-foot body. The 60-foot model is also available. The 202 buses ordered by the TTC will have GPS technology and be equipped with zero-emissions mode in designated areas.


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