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Arcade games are the perfect machines for console game lovers. If you had a childhood that involves game machines then you probably know how fun and addictive they can be. It is because of this reason that there are many variants of arcade games that are also gambling games. You can stand to win a little fortune while playing your favorite arcade game. However, a cool arcade game is not complete without a set of controls. The BLEE Company is an international group that has acclimated accolades and distinguished patents for gaming accessories for over 20 consecutive years. The company can provide you with an arcade stick to help you build your arcade cabinet. The HS arcade stick is one of the company’s best sellers and below are some of its specifications. 

HS Arcade Stick Specifications

  • It is a 4-way and 8-way ball top joystick that is fixed on a flat mounting plate for stability. It has a switchable restrict that you use to change the joystick from a 4-way to 8-way, and vice-versa. You can simply adjust it by rotating the centerpiece of the plastic restrictor plate.
  • You can get a custom color ball top for the joystick. The joystick also comes with two black dust covers to prevent damage from external debris. 
  • The joystick has minimal wiring to make it easy to install and program. It has 4 x micro switches with 4.8mm terminals. This makes it easy to install and repair because it comes with a user manual that can guide you on how to find your way around the joystick. 

This marvelous arcade stick is up for sale on the BLEE company website so why don’t you take advantage and get yourself this gaming device today.


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