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How Custom Parts Are Obtained?

Custom parts are the difficult parts that are used in almost every machine in various shapes in numerous industries. Small custom parts are important parts of machinery that are made by the casting process. A casting process is an ancient manufacturing process that is used for obtaining complex shapes and sizes. There are various parts in numerous industries that are difficult to make by an ordinary machine. To make specific shapes with high accuracy, the method of casting is used. Different types of casting methods are used for making various shapes. 

Each of the methods works on different techniques and each method has the highest perks. The most common methods that are used in the casting process are water glass casting and silica sol casting.

Silica sol casting is a little bit costly process for obtaining tough shapes. This type of casting is used for manufacturing materials with a high resistance rate and with excellent accuracy. The custom parts that are obtained from silica sol casting are widely used in different industries including marine industries, automobiles, furniture shops, etc.

On the other hand, Custom water glass casting (sodium silicate casting) is a process that is used to make multiplex shapes of larger sizes with less expense. If you want to obtain a complex precise shape at an economical price, we suggest you to use water glass casting.

The techniques which are used in silica sol casting are very similar to water glass casting. The only difference is zircon sand is used in silica sol casting as a molding agent. Which is able to bear temp. Up to 2000 degrees.

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