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Know About Laser Welding Through This Post!!!

Laser welding is a method of joining metals or thermoplastics together with the use of a laser beam. Laser welding can be done at high welding speeds of meters per minute in thin plates and tiny objects, while in deep welds between square-edged pieces in larger materials because it creates such a focussed heat source.

How It Works

There are two different basic modes of laser welding. The energy capacity across the beam impacting the workpiece determines the manner in which the laser beam interacts with the material it is welding.

  • Conduction limited Welding

When the power density is less than 105W/cm2, conduction limited welding is used. The laser beam is solely absorbed in the material’s surface and does not permeate it. Conduction-limited welds generally have a large width-to-depth ratio as a result.

  • keyhole welding

Laser welding with higher power densities is more typical when a keyhole mechanism is used. When a laser beam is focused narrowly enough to provide a power density of > 106-107 W/cm2, the material in the beam’s path melts and vaporizes before conduction can remove substantial amounts of heat. The focused laser beam then enters the workpiece, forming a cavity filled with metal vapor, which is known as a “keyhole.”

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