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MLM Opportunity Lead Machine


Leads are the lifeblood of any business and that is especially true where it concerns the network marketer. Unfortunately if you do not know what you are doing, you can waste a lot of money.

Some common questions that most people ask are:

Should I even consider purchasing leads and if so where should I buy them?

Is there a way of generating my own MLM opportunity leads besides buying them?

Which option is better?

First of all, purchasing leads does work, however it is better to spend more money for higher quality MLM opportunity leads versus business opportunity leads. Opportunity leads, sometimes called; junk leads are not necessarily those interested in MLM opportnities”. These are people who typically are tire kickers and are not really serious and who have no intention of spending money to invest into their own future. The types of leads you will want are pre-qualified and verified leads. The rate of response will be much higher than other types of leads. Calling and sorting through leads can return great results but does take disciplined action to get good results.

In my estimation, it is better to create and use your own MLM Opportunity Lead Machine. The reason, is because once you have completed the initial work of setting a system that drives people to you, it can works for years to come all on autopilot.


* Your cost go way down

* You get a higher quality of lead

* You are able to brand yourself more effectively

An effective MLM Opportunity Lead Machine acts like a funnel that attracts and brings people to you who are already predisposed to network marketing. Once these people visit an article or blog, they are asked to opt-in page which then initiates e-mail follow-ups that brand you as a leader. By the time they talk with you on the phone, the “like me, trust me factor” is already working in your favor.

What you do not want your MLM Opportunity Lead Machine to do

You do not want to be too pitch oriented with your opportunity. This of course depends on why they came to your page in the first place, what did they search for to find your website. Systems that are effective do not push an opportunity up front but instead offer valuable information that your prospect is looking and searching for. Here is an example; Take for instance this article, you are reading this because you searched on Google for the words “MLM Opportunity Lead Machine”. You didn’t click on the link to get pitched on an opportunity, you clicked because you are looking for information that will hopefully help you build your business. In the end, you might be curious enough to click on my link in the bottom of this article to find out more about me. Again, if what you immediately see is a page about some opportunity, you are going to click away.

What you should do instead is offer information that people are looking for. When people click from your advertising or articles that you have written you will want to send them to a page that is specifically related. By now you might be asking yourself, so “When do I get the chance to tell someone about my opportunity?” Most network marketers are in too big of a hurry when it comes to this question. An effective MLM Opportunity Lead Machine should provide people with related information. For instance, when you click below on my link you will be taken to a page and video that offers free tools and training about how to create an MLM Opportunity Lead Machine!

You see, it is all about helping your audience get what they want! The end result will allow you to build relationships and trust and down the road, that person might just want to join you as a team member.

Of course creating a MLM Opportunity Lead Machine means finding the right system that works for you. Not all systems that are on the market are created equal. The cost varies depending on what is included, feel free to write me if you need some suggestions about this. The system you use should include lot’s of training on how to set up and use autoresponders, how to write articles and distribute them, how to choose keywords that will get you long term results from your articles. Anyone can try to sell you on a lead capture page but do they show you how to get people to that web page, if they don’t, move on.

Yes, it does take time and yes there is a learning process, but it is well worth your investment of time. It sure beats wasting years of failure doing it the old way. The truth is, doing it the old way doesn’t work like it once did. There is a lot more to building your business then making a list of your friends and family. You need to create a system that will create a stream of MLM opportunity leads and prospects that flow into your funnel and in the end create qualified leads who are ready to join your team. When thinking of the effort of the time investment it would take, think of it in terms of building an asset. An asset has value and pays you over and over once it is build and once built it will pay you in dividends that are in the form of MLM opportunity leads.


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