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What Is Casting? Which Casting Is Best For Obtaining Better Surface Quality?

Casting is an ancient manufacturing technique that is used to obtain complex shapes. It is believed that casting is a 7000 years old process that was used to make special tools and weapons. Later on, this process is used to make complex shapes and spare parts that are used in various types of machinery. 

Other methods can be used to obtain complex shapes but casting is mostly preferred because the process of casting is less expensive and the obtained results are great. Now, different types of casting are introduced in the market in order to produce complex shapes. No doubt, each method of casting is used to produce specific products. 

Among various types of casting, the procedure that is used to obtain a better surface quality of the product is none other than silica sol casting. Silica sol is considered to be a kind of milky colloid that is not soluble in the organic solvent. Such type of casting is used to obtain products with a requirement of precise dimensions, and high corrosion resistance. 

If you want less geometric deviation in your product, then without any doubt, you should choose silica sol casting

Process of silica sol casting:

Silica sol casting primarily consists of four main processes which are described below:

  1. Wax making
  2. Shell making
  3. Casting and non-processing

Furthermore, the above four steps can be divided into further subprocesses. Therefore, you need to be patient to obtain products via silica sol casting. 


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