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Why Is Absorbent Paper Important?

The absorbent paper is constructed of imported natural short cotton and hardwood pulp, and it can absorb water up to four times its own weight. It has a high density and toughness, which assists in water absorption. It takes a long time to degrade and can be soaked for a long time.

It is used to absorb surplus liquid substances from the surface of writing paper or items (such as ink or oil). The absorbent paper, also called Blotting paper, is used in microscopy to remove excess liquids from slides prior to viewing.

Applications of Absorbent Paper

Absorbent papers have a variety of applications in daily routine lives. Some of them are given below:

  • Protection

It protects the stuff which is not supposed to be wet by liquid. In laboratories, the trays and tables are protected by absorbent papers.

  • Absorption

As its name suggests, they are specifically made for absorbing the liquid. It has 240 g/m2 absorbency and 86 mm of Klemm absorption.

  • Usage In Laboratories

Absorbent papers are widely used in laboratories, mainly in pathological anatomy.

  • Usage In Between-Paper Method

Germination of seed happens by using these papers in a technique called the between-paper method.

  • Spillage Recovery

These papers have leak-tight surfaces which can be utilized in recovering spillage inside containers.

  • Best Choice

Absorbent papers are the best choice or  well-suited to working with expensive (precious metals) or potentially dangerous materials (toxic or corrosive materials)

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