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A Sense Of Security; Smart Door Locks

Smart door lock systems are advanced lock systems that are mostly installed in apartments, hotels, motels, for protecting the valuable things of the tenants and tourists. Tourists mostly prefer hotels and apartments where they can keep their important belongings safe. In fact, door locks have existed for many years. 

Sometimes, we are unable to avoid the embarrassing moment of losing the key to the ordinary locks and ultimately we end up being locked out of the house. This problem was solved after the invention of smart locks. Crushingly, with the emergence of advanced smart door locks, the sore point of losing or carrying the keys has been solved. 

By installing smart door locks, we can go anywhere without the fear of burglaries or thefts. Also, many hotel door locks are now upgraded to smart locks. Smart locks are of various types. The most preferred smart locks that can provide you with higher security than ordinary locks are given below:

  1. Wifi or Bluetooth door lock
  2. Fingerprint door lock
  3. Electronic key door lock

As the name suggests, wifi or Bluetooth door locks give access by Bluetooth or wifi signals. Now, you can lock your house or private room with your phone or tablet within the range of wifi or Bluetooth. Similarly, fingerprint door locks work with registered biometrics. 

You can register up to five fingers on the sensor and can unlock your room by placing your fingerprint on the sensor. Same as other smart locks, an electronic lock works with an electronic key. An electronic key can be a card or any physical key, which can lock or unlock the door.


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