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All About LED TV

LED stands for light-emitting diode. Various types of television use LED technology instead of the fluorescent backlight to display beautiful and rich-quality pictures. LED TVs are more efficient and possess a higher optical range as compared to fluorescents. Buying an LED TV has numerous perks. Out of various perks, a few are written below.

Features of LED TV:

  1. High contrast ratios: Because of the light-emitting diode, LED television provides bright images with great clarity. An LED television can accomplish deeper black as compared to the other forms of television.
  1. Slim and smart: LED televisions are further divided into various categories. Edge-LED lighting systems are the slimmest and smart televisions in appearance.
  1. Great viewing angle: Sometimes, a family gathers on a movie, due to poor viewing angle some people cannot enjoy some scenes. If you have a LED TV, you can enjoy a super viewing angle from all sides of the television.
  1. Energy-efficient: If we talk about energy efficiency, LED TVs are superior to plasma TVs and much superior to CRTs (cathode ray tubes).
  1. High life span: No doubt, LED TVs have a high life span as compared to other forms of televisions. One of the reasons includes that they do not use mercury like other few backlighting systems.

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