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An easy-to-understand explanation of lost wax casting!

An easy-to-understand explanation of lost wax casting!

Lost-wax casting

casting, lost wax casting

Lost-wax casting is a method of making equipment based on a prototype made of wax. It is possible to make shapes that are more complicated and have higher dimensional accuracy than general casting methods. This article describes the methods and features of lost wax casting. Let’s select the most suitable casting method by referring to the article and manufacture highly accurate equipment.

What is lost wax casting?

Lost-wax casting is a casting method that has the property of losing wax.Make a prototype with wax, cover it with cast sand or plaster, and then heat it to melt and remove the wax inside. It will be completed.

Flow of lost wax casting

Wax is poured into the mold to make the prototype of the product with wax.

It is called a wax tree because the shape of the prototype connected to the runner is like a tree.

The surroundings are coded with ceramic to make a mold.

The refractory material from which the wax has melted becomes the mold for the product.

Baking has the effect of preventing the mold from cracking during casting and improving the circulation of hot water.

If impurities are mixed in the molten metal, the vessel will not be completed as designed.

When the metal has cooled and hardened, disassemble the mold and remove the parts.

Inspect and correct the removed product for scratches and distortion.

Benefits of lost wax casting

Lost wax casting has the advantage of high dimensional accuracy.

Lost wax casting allows casting of any material.

Since the initial cost is only prototype production, the price is low.

Lost wax casting has a beautiful surface finish.

Lost wax casting can handle complex shapes.

Disadvantages of lost wax casting

The disadvantages of lost wax casting are running costs and difficulty.

There is a disadvantage that the running cost increases.

Lost wax casting also has the disadvantage of high work difficulty.


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