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Biosphere Machine


The environment has been experiencing a tremendous tumult because of human. It is true that it’s God’s grandeur to be able to enjoy the grace given by nature to every human being. Because of irresponsible creatures that have been taking everything from the environment, from its benefits down to destroying it, human is but accountable.

Saving the only planet that we live in, what could be as grandiose for a dream? Many have been promoting this kind of advocacy. It is something that the earth needs for preservation and as humans; we have the capabilities not to mention the responsibilities to take care of it. Conserving the environment has been of the foremost concern of every environmental organization nowadays. The pollution that irresponsible human being transport elsewhere to the environment gives us but catastrophes that have gained lives of millions due to tragedies.

In order to Change the environmental dilemmas that we experience, we must be the responsible creatures of this earth. But we all know that to obey rules is very hard for human, which is why if not resolved in the proper and hard way then why not give out a resolution that would benefit the environment as well as human being without any harm done to both? How: Through the innovatory BIOSPHERE MACHINE

What is a Biosphere Machine?

A Biosphere Machine is an invention of Dr. Christopher A. McCormack (Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Global Environmental Energy Corporation). The machine was intended to produce electricity through waste. Imagine a machine that diminish the world’s waste and at the same time generating another sustainable form of energy, what else could you seek for a piece of equipment.

The Biosphere Machine has been used by different biosphere facilities in the Philippines. The likes of Naga, Tan jay, San Fernando Cebu, and many others are already signed in a joint venture of the zero waste campaign. The biosphere machine will use the waste of the world serving as its fuel intended to enlighten every light bulb of every home.

How does the Biosphere Machine Works?

The Biosphere machine uses a process called the biosphere gasification technology process in which it eliminates waste by incineration. Incineration is a process that burns out waste to produce something else, and due to its way of course of action, many have been opposing its progression. Due to incineration the atmospheric emissions that the process of burning of waste give out will tremendously affect the ozone layer contributing to another cause of the malignant climate change.

The Biosphere Machine was designed to completely alter the way of incineration has been used to burn waste. The process of gasification used is done in an extremely low oxygen environment thus lowering if not eliminating the probabilities of atmospheric emissions; it is called the biosphere technology

The Biosphere Gasification Process

1. The process that it is using is the combustibility of Municipal Solid Wastes to create a heat that produces super heated steam via boiler, which drives a combination stream via boiler, which drives a combination stream turbine/alternator, generating green electricity.

2. It begins at the biosphere chamber wherein solid wastes are entered to begin the thermal transformation and derive a clean combustible gas/stream turbine to produce electricity.

3. The heat generated by the process can be used to produce electricity, superheat steam, heat boiler feed water and distill desalinate seawater

Biosphere Machine uses biosphere technology is expected to be another breakthrough in technology. It is not something to be ostracized but be given further notice unquestionably.


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