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Casting And Its Major Types

Casting is the process of pouring a liquid into a mold of different shapes and then allowing the liquid material to solidify. The part that has been solidified is called casting. Once it hardens, it can be removed from the mold. 

It has the following major types:

Carbon Steel Casting

Carbon steel is an alloy made with carbon and iron that contains carbon content somewhere between 0.0218% to 2.11%. Carbon content indicates the strength of carbon steel. More carbon means better strength and hardness. Nevertheless, carbon steel casting also contains traces of sulfur, phosphorus, silicon, and manganese.

The manufacturing of carbon steel casting should be consistent as long as the process progresses. The manufacturing process is usually automated. Carbon steel can be made using virgin or recycled steel and many times by combining both together.

Sand Casting

In this type of casting, sand is used as a molding material. The industries where sand castings are produced are called foundries. It is a low-cost casting that has wide adaptability. Sand casting is the best for making complex-shaped blanks.

The process of sand casting involves mixing sand with a good sand mixer. Then a mold is manufactured, and it is added to the sand mixture, which is then sealed. The metal to be cast is poured evenly into the mold. Once it is cooled and solidified, you can clean the excess.

 Investment Casting

It is a relatively easy process and the most widely used. The investment casting process is relatively simple. The process involves choosing a material for making a mold. Using a refractory material, the shell of the casting part is made.

The mold is then melted to obtain the casting model, which is then roasted at a high temperature. It is then filled with sand and then poured. The geometrical and dimensional accuracy of this type of casting is very high.


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