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Cleaning Your Elliptical Machine


Elliptical machines are great equipment that helps you keep your body healthy and physically fit. It gives you the health and physical benefits that you need to stay active and live longer. It is a very important piece of equipment that is why you should also know how to take care of it. Taking care of it means performing the required maintenance routines that are specified by the manufacturer. Part of these “maintenance tasks” is keeping it clean. Therefore, if you are wondering how a person could clean an elliptical, then you came to the right place.

The best place to find instructions on how to clean it is to refer to its instruction manual or manufacturer’s book. We are sure that they have placed several recommendations on how to clean it. If there is not any instructions, there must be at least a way to disassemble the equipment, printed there somewhere. It is important that you look for these first to avoid forfeiting certain warranties that might come with the equipment or parts.

Cleaning your elliptical is sometimes as simple as wiping it with a soft dry cloth after every use. Wipe the whole part of the equipment. This includes the seat, the display, the pedals, and the handlebars. To remove sweat, residue, and odor, it would be great to use a soft cloth dipped on water and soap solution. Wipe it carefully but do not wet it too much. Avoid the electronic parts when you do this. Afterwards, wipe it again with clean and dry cloth to remove excess moisture.

Cleaning the rails and wheels is also an important thing that you should remember. Clean it thoroughly by removing any dust or dirt on each rail. Silicone spray can be applied to these areas using a cloth. It is important that you do this to avoid the machine from slowing down and allow it to run smoothly. When you are done with all of these things, clean the debris that fell down from the machine. Use a vacuum to suck them all up or use a broom to sweep them off somewhere.

Knowing how to clean your elliptical machine can help you prolong its lifespan. These machines are quite expensive that is why it is only right that we exert extra care by performing the right maintenance tasks that are recommended by the manufacturer. Cleaning is not that difficult. You just need the motivation to do so. Keep in mind that when you do this, you are also making your machine last longer.


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