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Clinical Study Results For Sunshine Ancon Chi Device


Flinders University, Adelaide (portion of Australia’s Office of Health, School of Well being Sciences College of Medicine) created a clinical investigate challenge beginning June 15, 2000, at the ask for of Hsin Ten Company Australia. The challenge was intended to look into the added benefits of the Chi Device, specially for individuals suffering from Secondary Lymphoedema and Venous Oedema, but the effects also showed an enhanced condition of the folks with no health-related troubles taking part in the investigate.

The task was guide by Professor Neil Piller, a person of the world’s primary lymphologists, who has introduced and published over 300 performs and is strongly fully commited to instruction and recognition packages. He was assisted by a team of very specialist persons for the duration of the clinical trial such as: Ms Amanda Moseley (Exploration Officer) – Mr Adrian Esterman (Biostatistician and Clinical Epidemiologist) Associate Professor Colin Carati (Anatomist) – Mr Brian Bridger (Bio-professional medical Engineer) Dr Jack Walsh (Vascular Surgeon) – Dr Stephen Birrell (Surgeon).

Secondary Lymphoedema of the legs has an effect on 30% of people following surgical treatment and radiotherapy. Venous Oedema influences 5% of the grownup populace. Each consequence in swelling, irritation and can interfere with the good quality of existence. Conventional therapy is pricey and ongoing, with minimal affected person command. There is no good get rid of for both ailment.

The aim of the review was to find and take a look at the efficiency of a therapy that would be easy, inexpensive, efficient and ready to empower victims.

Venous Oedema Clients:

The individuals ended up both male and feminine with an typical age of 59 a long time. In excess of 50% of them experienced challenges in both equally legs because of to varicose veins, vascular disease and preceding (not energetic) deep vein thrombosis.

Secondary Lymphoedema People:

The contributors had been the two male and feminine, their lymphoedema currently being predominantly brought on by cancer medical procedures similar to bowel, cervical, prostate most cancers or melanoma. Around 45% had lymphoedema in equally legs.

Equally teams generally continued other solutions at the similar time this sort of as support stockings, massage treatment, laser remedy and simple elevation.

What the review consisted of:

a) People ended up recruited through promotion and out-individual clinics.

b) Trial incorporated 20 normal contributors.

c) Devices ended up taken house and used for 3 months using the following routine:

-5 minutes in the early morning and 5 minutes in the afternoon for the 1st 2 times

-8 minutes in the early morning and 8 minutes in the afternoon starting off the 3rd working day by way of the 7th

-12 minutes in the morning and 12 minutes in the afternoon starting off on the 8th working day by way of the 21st.

d) Goal measurements were being taken weekly and one month comply with up publish therapy.

Some 2,000 data bits ended up gathered from each client prior to, all through and immediately after every check out.

What measurements were being taken and how:

a) Questionnaires: Individuals have been questioned how their legs felt and how this afflicted the high quality of their daily life.

b) Tonometry: The hardness of the tissue was calculated.

c) Perometry: The leg circumference and fluid quantity was measured.

d) Bioimpedence: The overall body composition and the fluid inside of the legs were analyzed.

e) Lymphoscintigraphy: The lymphatic method functionality was evaluated.

f) Blood pressure, pulse, blood check, blood circulation ended up calculated.


Added benefits people today can anticipate to obtain from applying the Solar Ancon Chi Device are mentioned underneath.

Success for men and women with no health care issues:

1. A slight reduction in fluids to the limbs. The group with typical balanced legs skilled a reduction of 1.52 oz/ 45 ml in fluids around the 3 7 days period.

2. A reduction in weight. The group with typical wholesome legs misplaced an common of 1.32 lb/ .6 kg more than a few months. This is a significant sum in excess of these types of a modest period.

3. A reduction in share human body unwanted fat.

Effects for individuals with secondary lymphoedema owing to lymph harm and those people with venous oedema by venous insufficiency:

1. A considerable reduction in limb volume and circumference. More-mobile fluid for the group with secondary lymphoedema fell more than the a few week time period. At the one thirty day period observe up the fluids experienced risen but were being not back again to their unique concentrations.

2. A sizeable loss of oedema fluid from the limbs. The team with venous oedema seasoned a reduction of 14.87 oz/ 440 mls in leg fluid over the a few week period of time. Though fluid amounts had greater at the 1 thirty day period adhere to up, they have been not back again to their primary degrees.

3. A sizeable reduction of weight. Typical body weight reduction for the group with venous oedema was 3.19 lb/ 1.45 kgs more than the 3 7 days period of time. This remained steady at the one particular thirty day period adhere to up. Of those with secondary lymphoedema, ordinary pounds loss was 1.10 lb/ .5 kgs and this remained steady at the a single thirty day period abide by up.

4. A reduction in percentage system fats.

5. An enhancement in lymphatic drainage. Lymphoscintigraphy showed a marked enhancement in lymphatic perform.

6. A significant improvement in subjective signs or symptoms. Most participants documented a reduction in ache, tightness, heaviness, pores and skin dryness, limb dimensions variance, cramps, pins and needles, burning feeling and temperature distinction.

7. A fulfillment with the treatment method and an advancement in the high quality of lifetime. Most contributors (88%) were glad with the treatment routine. There were definite enhancements with the emotion of manage individuals experienced about their ailment, their range of motion, the favourable effect they expert with daily everyday living, and an improve in their skill to exercising.

Investigate  SIGNIFICANCE:

The conclusion of Professor Piller and Flinders Clinical University soon after examining the comprehensive info is that utilized on a recurrent basis, the Chi Device has good possible in health and fitness upkeep and ailment management for those who endure from Secondary Lymphoedema and Venous Oedema of the legs.

Using into account the higher price of conventional therapies for secondary lymphoedema and venous oedema, the Chi Equipment is a low-cost, powerful and handy option. For individuals without any healthcare conditions, the Sunlight Ancon Chi Equipment delivers a way to lose excess weight and overall body fats without having the require to shell out for gymnasium memberships or to undertake impractical, strenuous exercise regimes.


The comprehensive research undertaken by Flinders College illustrates the dedication Hsin 10 has to the consumer. This groundbreaking investigate has divided Hsin 10 and the Sunshine Ancon Chi Equipment from providers manufacturing imitation equipment.

– The Sun Ancon Chi Equipment is the ONLY Chi Device to be supported by superior high quality scientific and health care study.

– Never just before (or considering that) has any university actually endorsed a item like this.

– Every person experienced rewards, not just secondary lymphoedema and venous oedema patiens.

– Flinders University has independently created 3 booklets detailing the exploration results and outlining the problems of secondary lymphoedema, venous oedema and individual stick to-up recommendations.

– The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is now recognized as a professional medical machine by the Australian Therapeutic Merchandise administration centered on the toughness of the investigation outcomes, as perfectly as in Japan and Canada.

– No imitation Chi Equipment can assert the same benefits as the Sunlight Ancon Chi Equipment as outlined in the analysis final results.


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