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Do you have trouble displaying your beloved and beautiful jewelry? Worry not! We, at the DY Display showcase, have for you a one-stop solution for your jewelry shop design requirements. We provide a variety of different styles and designs. Here are some of them to give you a picture:

  • Upscale gold jewelry design: The materials we use in this design are wood and stainless steel. The Display is enclosed in super white tempered glass. Your jewelry is enhanced by LED lights installed in the structure. This design has a standard showcase and for the security of your products, a locking lower compartment is also present.
  • Vintage Gold shop design: This is a modern and luxurious design made with wood and stainless steel. It has Low consuming LED strip lights or spotlights according to your preference. This is a simple yet elegant style that is highly practical in nature. We also include a locking lower compartment in the structure.
  • Luxurious counter design: We structured this design with sleekness and modernity in mind. With white tempered glass, this wooden and stainless-steel counter design is bound to upgrade your display.
  • Fashion jewelry store design: This is for high-security shops as it includes pull-out doors with locks. Along with security, this design provides an ambiance of luxury and decadence.
  • Luxury jewelry shop: We provide a round display case in this design, along with pull-out doors with locks. This design makes your shop look heavenly.
  • Contemporary simple design: For minimalists who have high tastes in fashion, this sleek and contemporary design boasts Anti-oxidant and rust preventive surfaces, and sliding doors with locks.

Of course, you can customize any of these designs according to your tastes and needs.


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