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Don’t Have Time to Exercise? Let the Zen Chi Machine Do All the Work For You


These machines are simple and convenient to use because they are small enough to carry with you, for daily workouts.

It takes no effort on your part to engage in this form of exercise, the machine does all the work for you whilst lying on your back. All you do is place the machine on a hard surface, your feet on the cradle of the machine, and set the timer to the desired length of exercise.

Do not place this machine on a bed or a soft surface as this could result in a neck, spine or leg injury and do not move whilst the machine is in motion. It is designed to do the work for you.

Daily exercise on the Zen Chi Aerobic Massager gives a sense of well being and increased energy levels. This side to side motion can massage internal organs and it can stimulate and release blockages in the colon which can alleviate vulnerability to disease. It tones the body’s metabolism, exercising all joints in the human body through its rhythmic movement and it may remove any other aches and pains through continued use. It may assist in relaxation and all the tensions will just melt away. Its side action movement replicates a fish swimming and the intensity of this movement is increased gradually within the 15 minute workout. Even if you set the timer to begin with to 5 minutes you can still feel the gradual increase in movement until the end of the session.

Used with care this machine will benefit anyone who cares about their health and well being. Exercise everyday to maintain a lean body and staying trim.

If you have never exercised in this manner before than I suggest start off with a 5 minute workout every day for about a week increasing it to a 10 minute workout the following week and then to 15 minutes.

Stick to the above mentioned durations as you will be able to engage in increasing the time later on when your body becomes accustomed to this type of exercise.

You may find if you don’t have the time to do 15 minutes in one go, than split the time equally to suit morning, lunchtime and dinner time. The manufacturers recommendation is only 15 minutes a day, so stick to it and don’t overdo it by doubling the time. Your body will not benefit from physically being overworked.

To your success in maintaining a beautiful trim body for the rest of your life.


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