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Hydrotherapy is an ancient treatment in which water is used for therapy purposes. Different tools are made use of in hydrotherapy. Prior to leaping to the equipment made use of in hydrotherapy, let us specify what is hydrotherapy? What are its advantages? As well as much more.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy contains two words. Hydro as well as therapy. Hydro indicates water and also therapy implies therapy. It is thought that water has healing buildings in it. Which was confirmed later on, when many people recovered after getting hydrotherapy. Both hot and cold water is used in hydrotherapy. The use of water entirely depends upon the nature of the illness. If the client is experiencing muscle soreness, joint pain, and irregular activity of joints, then without any uncertainty warm water is best for the person.

The temperature of warm water is maintained between 33-36 degrees celsius. Whereas, on the other hand, if the individual is suffering from anxiety, margarine, or blood pressure issues, then cold water is used instead of hot water. The temperature level for cold water used in hydrotherapy is 15 degrees celsius.

In addition to therapy purposes, hydrotherapy is also thought to be valuable in recovery. It is thought that hydrotherapy helps in boosting endurance as well as offers cardiovascular advantages.

Benefits of hydrotherapy:

It is useful in dealing with a number of diseases. It helps in the relaxation of muscular tissues, boosts muscle mass movement, minimizes the anxiety of falling, as well as much more.

Equipment utilized in hydrotherapy:

Various devices are utilized in hydrotherapy. Some vital tools consist of a hydrotherapy pool, undersea treadmill, undersea bike, whirlpools, etc.

The temperature in the hydrotherapy pool is established according to the problem of the patient and according to the nature of the illness. No question, hydrotherapy pools are rather different from regular swimming pools.


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