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Facebook has a new logo (but the application will glimpse the similar)


Facebook is making a significant change to its visual identification, differentiating Fb the company from Facebook the app. The firm right now exposed a new logo with easy daring, capitalized text that will be applied throughout its portfolio of apps.

Facebook the social community, on the other hand, will maintain the same blue and white glance you’ve been utilized to for a long time.

For example, here’s how the app’s branding will clearly show up on Instagram:

Ever more, Facebook has been about much more than just its social community Instagram and WhatsApp are massive in their possess suitable. At the exact same time, the enterprise wishes to make clearer wherever these apps come from alternatively than obtaining them act as absolutely separate entities.

Not that this comes totally from a area of very good will. The business has faced antitrust lawsuits and calls from presidential candidates to individual its companies. By making its corporation branding clearer, Facebook sends a concept that its applications are linked – that Facebook the enterprise was needed for WhatsApp and Instagram to be exactly where they are today. 

According to a 2018 study, 57 % of Us residents never even know Instagram is owned by Facebook, and an additional a person showed 50 percent don’t know the company owns WhatsApp, so it is in all probability a excellent factor Facebook is earning its purpose clearer.

The organization initiated the procedure previously this 12 months when it additional a ‘from Facebook‘ stamp to its other apps, but the new branding is more blatant. At the exact time, since the new wordmark emblem is meant to be used with distinctive colours, it can much better integrate with the visual identification of Facebook’s other properties.

It’s to some degree akin to what Google did when it introduced Alphabet as its mother or father company, even if there’s no new identify this time. Facebook is just much more than its social network these days, even if the first application continues to be the largest part of Zuckerberg’s portfolio. Facebook states it will start using the new manufacturer inside of goods and internet marketing elements above the coming months – such as launching a new company website.


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