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First Timer’s Guide to Silica Sol Casting

Casting is the process of pouring liquids into molds that have hollow cavities that have been shaped to meet the desired shape and then letting them solidify. Here is all your need to know about the benefits of custom silica sol casting.

What is Silica Sol Casting?

The silica sol casting process is one of the two major types of the investment casting process. In the silica sol casting process, silica sol zircon sand is used as a molding material. This process is quite expensive because of the good results it gives. The final texture of silica sol casting has a good quality surface and very few inner defects.

Benefits of Silica Sol Casting

  • Silica sol casting is best for those products that will face a lot of corrosion. It will give a good resistance against corrosion. 
  • Silica sol is very resistant to temperature and can stand up to 2000 degrees, which is excellent.
  • In silica sol investment casting, the engineers have the freedom to create any kind of design in their minds. Using silica song casting, any type of shape can be made. 
  • The products created by silicon will have smooth surfaces and fine finishing. 
  • Silica soul casting will Help the engineers to make even the most minor details of the products easily. 


Although the silica sol investment casting is a costly process, it is still trendy in stainless steel markets because it will make your products more reliable for an extended period.


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