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Gel Or Regular Nail Polish?

If you’re looking for a new manicure that goes the distance, opt for gel nail polish. Why? Read this article to why gel polish is a far better option than regular nail polish. 

Nail polish is a must-have and can be used for almost any occasion. Plus it is not that expensive as most people think. Gel nail polish is a more advanced version of regular nail polish. A lot of women choose it because it can be applied on top of a previous layer of polish without smudging or getting messy.

It dries out quickly without chipping or peeling nails after three weeks of application. The nail polish gives you a shiny finish and durable color that last for two weeks without chipping or fading away. 

Gel nails take only a few minutes to dry up completely with a UV lamp or LED lamp, making it more convenient to use compared to other brands that need almost thirty minutes to dry out under the sunlight or in an air conditioner room.

The gel nail polish is applied like regular nail polish and then cured under UV light. This gives it the strength of other artificial nails but also allows it to look just like regular nail polish. The process can take up to 30 minutes, so going to the salon can be an expensive option, depending on how often you want your nails done. 

However, there are at-home kits that can give you the same results in less time if you don’t have much free time on your hands or don’t mind spending some extra money.

BLUESKY offers its own line of Gel Nail Polish kits that you can use at home in as little as 10 minutes at very affordable prices. They offer many colors to choose from so you can get the latest trendy color or go with the classics like red and pink. 


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