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How Does A Vaccum Forming Machine Work

Vacuum forming machine is utilized in a variety of production processes, from small customized pieces made on desktop devices to huge parts made on automated industrial gear. The process of vacuum forming is used to shape plastic materials. A sheet of plastic is warmed and then suctioned around a single mold during the vacuum forming process.

The most basic method of plastic thermoforming is vacuum forming, which employs a single mold and vacuum pressure to achieve the required component shape. It’s perfect for pieces that just need to be perfectly shaped on one side, like food packaging or electronics.

Step By Step Guide

  • Clamp: A sheet of plastic is clamped into position in an open frame.
  • Heat: A heat source is used to soften the plastic sheet until it reaches the proper forming temperature and becomes flexible.
  • Vacuum: The framework housing the heated, malleable sheet of plastic is dropped over a mold and pushed into position by suction on the other side. Tiny holes must be bored into crevices in female (or convex) molds so that the vacuum can efficiently draw the thermoplastic sheet into the desired shape.
  • Cool: The plastic must cool once it has been molded around/into the mold. Fans or sometimes cold mist is occasionally utilized to speed up this phase in the production cycle for bigger components.
  • Release: The plastic may be taken from the mold and liberated from the framework once cooled.
  • Trim: The surplus material from the final portion and the edges may need to be trimmed, sanded, or polished.

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