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How Much Clean Water is Important For Life?

Water is the most important building block of nature. Making this element accessible to all people around the world, appreciating and protecting it is one of the most important challenges.

What is pure, clean drinking water?

When asked what is meant by clean drinking water, one point of view is certainly the degree of purity of the water. Several values ​​are decisive for pure drinking water, such as the pH value, the number of free electrons in the water, and the conductivity.

What does good drinking water mean?

Our tap water has to be chemically treated until it can flow out of our taps as “drinking water” again. Many scientists agree that in many regions tap water has lost its naturalness or purity. And thus, although drinkable, it can no longer be considered good drinking water for a long time.

They believe that these two properties can only be found in medicinal and mineral waters or spring waters. Many scientists agree that good mineral water is increasingly becoming a scarce commodity. This can still be found if you drink the water from deep springs.

Best controlled but not the best drinking water:

If you are thinking about what good drinking water is, you should be aware that tap water is mostly made from service water and only a very small part is used for consumption, i.e. as drinking water. The limit values ​​and controls are adapted accordingly.


The question of the best drinking water is difficult to answer because the opinions in science and the public differ greatly, especially about compliance with and definition of limit values ​​or the ideal mineral content. But it is recommended to use a household filter purifier to drink clean water.


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