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How Much Time A Kid Should Spend On TV

30 minutes or two hours? Everyone says something different, everyone allows their child something different – when it comes to the length of media usage, opinions are divided. There is a general recommendation for the duration of media usage by children, which is intended to be of help to all parents.

Media Consumption Requires Control:

Only five minutes left!” – Most parents will surely be more than familiar with this sentence. It is difficult to persevere when the child begs for more time on the cell phone. If the other five minutes are granted, it usually doesn’t stay that way anyway. Five quickly becomes 20 minutes.

The problem with this, however, is that too much time on the cell phone, tablet, or television can be dangerous for the little ones. A reduced attention span, headache, or lack of exercise are just three examples of the possible consequences of excessive cell phone or tablet use.

There is No Such Thing As One, Correct Duration Of Use:

After all, every child is different, which means that each pair of parents has to individually adjust the usage time to their offspring. Parents can set sleep time on their tv to fix the screen time. Many TV wholesale shop owners have such TVs. One can also buy TV spare parts from these TV parts wholesale shops. 

Bring The Books:

In advance, it can be said that there is no time limit for the category picture books. The more you read to your child, the better. Above all, attention must be paid to how large the attention span of the offspring is. There will be children who can listen carefully for a very long time while others have too much after ten minutes.


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