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It is a big trouble that most wellness apps are designed by adult males — here’s how to take care of that


All shades of pink, flowery styles, dolls, and miniature kitchens — if you’re a lady, you will most possible have experienced all these and much more imposed upon you because early childhood. The stereotypes about women of all ages, which in most instances occur from guys, can be dangerous in numerous methods, influencing every thing from vocation selections to wellness and wellness. 

Talking of the latter, as a female and the founder of a healthtech firm, I could not enable but recognize that what wellness apps are presenting today does not correspond with the actual demands of women of all ages.

Most of the founders and leading product individuals at healthtech businesses just cannot genuinely “eat their individual dog foodstuff,” that is, they are limited in their ability to use their own apps and uncover concerns in user expertise. The purpose is that the wide the vast majority of these individuals are male, when most of their consumers are female