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Know About Various Types Of Casting

Casting is considered as a manufacturing process that is used to obtain complex shapes with precise results. It is believed that the process of casting is a 5000 years old process. At first, it was used for making weapons, and some type of specific art. But now, the technique of casting is used to make complex parts that are used everywhere. 

The parts obtained through casting are widely used in various industries including automated machinery, agricultural sites, factories, etc. Casting is broadly classified into various types. The three main classes of casting are given below:

  1. Investment casting
  2. Lost wax casting
  3. Steel casting

The above casting processes are further divided into subcategories. Among various types of casting, carbon steel casting is the most important type of casting. Carbon steel is a steel alloy (mixture of metals) that contains carbon as the main alloying element. Carbon is present in the quantity ranging from 0.0218% – 2.11%. 

Besides carbon, it also contains a minute amount of manganese, silicon, sulfur, and phosphorus.  High pressure, high strength, and great resistance is required to carry out carbon steel casting. 

Uses of carbon steel casting:

Like other types of castings, carbon steel casting is also used at various purposes. It serves the purpose of structure in bridges and buildings, axles, shafts, gears, coupling, pipelines, fridges, cars, various types of machines, and more. It is believed that high carbon steel used in casting procedures has high tensile strength and is therefore used in manufacturing of cutting tools like blades, dies, punches, etc. 


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