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RO System VS UV System

Different purifier machines are used for cleaning the water. Each of the machines uses different techniques for purifying and eradicating microorganisms from the water and making it safe for its consumer. Out of various water purifier machines, RO water purifiers and UV water purifiers are on their peaks. But both of these technologies use different methods to purify water. 

RO water purifiers use the mechanism of semi-permeable membranes to purify water. Whereas on the other hand, the UV water system uses the mechanism of ultraviolet lights to eliminate deadly pathogens from the water. Besides the working method, there are many other differences between these two machines. In this article, we will describe a few differences between RO and UV water systems.

  1. UV water systems are highly recommended in metropolitan or urban areas because this advanced machine is able to purify gallons of water simultaneously. On the other hand, RO water machines are not able to purify a large quantity of water all at once. That’s why they are recommended in small places.
  1. When an RO water system works, it wastes a lot of water as a byproduct in the filtration of water. Whereas, the UV water system produces no waste.
  1. The RO system uses semi-permeable membranes to filter water from microorganisms. There are certain bacteria and viruses that are very tiny and can pass through the membrane. UV water systems are highly efficient in eliminating all types of microorganisms.

The takeaway:

Both of the purification machines are best in their own way. But, If you want no waste of water and don’t risk your life by some bacterias and viruses, the no doubt UV water system is the best choice for you.


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