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Setup Of Exterior Hot Tubs

An exterior jacuzzi is simple to set up and also use.

  • Location the jacuzzi where you desire it
  • Close the drain shutoff that is open throughout transport
  • Attach the jacuzzi to the power supply (400 V).
  • Fill the swimming pool with water (not colder than 10ºC) utilizing the yard hose pipe
  • Activate the power
  • Establish the jacuzzi to the desired temperature (the hot tub will warm up 1-5 levels per hour relying on the weather).

About the setup of an outdoor hot tub, a few functional points should be considered.

If the medspa is provided curbside, you will certainly require to transport it right into the area. Most purchasers layout road plates and also, along with a few neighbors, press the swimming pool right into position on a number of dollies (tiny planks with 4 wheels). You can likewise have the hot tub raised right into place by a crane truck.

Jacuzzi Area:

The large capacity hot tub should be put on a firm as well as degree surface, e.g. on ceramic tiles or mineral concrete. The pool can consider in between 600 and 3,000 kg consisting of water. So you can not consequently press a wedge under the swimming pool to align it horizontally. Degree the pad before placing the pool in position. As long as all jets are covered by water, the medspa itself does not need to be perfectly level.

Nevertheless, the view of a hot tub not quite flush with the house’s joints can be distracting.

TIP: Eliminate an item of cardboard that has the same account as the pool. Position it on the balcony as well as inspect that it is in line with the environment. It is easier to level the deck prior to the hot tub being on it.

Additionally, there must be around one meter of space around the swimming pool for maintenance reasons.

This additionally applies if you embed your hot tub in the patio area. It must be possible to eliminate the decking to access the jacuzzi pipes.

VITAL: Do not activate the health spa until there is water in the pool. The pumps and the electrical heating unit must not run dry. If the swimming pool is to be emptied, the power should first be turned off.


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