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Types of Pipe Making Machines

Types of Pipe Making Machines

A Pipe Making Machine is a machine that is used to manufacture PVC pipes. These machines are used in various industries including automobiles, medical equipment, and leveling pipes. There are many different types of pipe making machines. To learn about the different types of pipe making machines, keep reading. Here are some examples. Let us first look at PVC. It is the most commonly used type of plastic pipe. PU and PE are two other popular types.


The PVC pipe making machine is a device that makes pipes out of PVC material. There are different types of PVC, each with different uses. The most common type is UPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is used in a variety of applications, including drainage and sewage. CPVC, or chlorinated PVC, has a higher percentage of chlorine and can be used for many purposes. There are also several types of PVC-U pipes, which have thicker walls and are able to pump water.

The PVC pipe making machine has several important parts. It has a dies head and an extrusion die. The extrusion die is made from stainless steel or other materials, depending on the OD of the pipe. Both the pipe die and the extrusion tool are adjustable, and the machine adjusts the thickness of the pipe wall depending on the speed. The pipe products are then placed on the stacker, which is typically made of stainless steel.

The operator of a PVC pipe making machine should have extensive experience in pipe extrusion. He or she should be able to maintain the proper temperature in the various zones, which include the extruding mold and conical twin screw extruder. He or she must also be capable of troubleshooting. The operator should be able to repair any mechanical or electrical problems that may arise with the machine. If the PVC pipe making machine has a faulty valve, it is a big issue and will need to be fixed as soon as possible.


PU Pipe Making Machine can be used to manufacture various types of PU pipes. This machine features the latest technologies and is designed to cater to the needs of different industries. PU material has many advantages like good flowability, high melt viscosity and high heat sensitivity. The machine is designed to produce tubes of varied sizes and shapes at high speed and accuracy. It also offers numerous benefits such as corrosion, bending and weather resistance. Besides, PU tubes can be used for various applications.

PU pipe machines come in different diameters. The machine can produce Ph4*2.5, Ph6*4, Ph10*6.5, and even Ph12*8mm. Some models even have a special feature of colored marking. These machines can be used to make a variety of hose products such as gas and water hoses. They also make pneumatic hoses. Therefore, the price range of PU pipe machines is wide.


A PE Pipe Making Machine can produce seamless and curved PE pipes in an automated process. This kind of machine has several advantages. Its automatic process makes it very popular with the customers, and can replace imported production lines in most cases. The electromagnetic induction control system helps you save 50% energy. PE pipe does not need any heavy metal salt stabilizer during processing, and it is non-toxic, fungus-free and bacteria-free. It also has good corrosion resistance.

The machine uses a stainless steel tank for liquid level control. A peculiar spraying nozzle ensures effective cooling. A motor-driven machine ensures three-dimensional movement and positioning, and special sizing and cooling modes enable it to produce pipes with a high level of precision. The machine includes a three-set extruder system, co-extrusion mold, vacuum calibration spray tank, haul-off, and a printer (optional).

PE pipes are very durable and are safe to use for 50 years under rated conditions. Their high impact strength and toughness prevent cracking even when heavy objects are directly press against it. Their strong interface is also durable, and will not disconnect when under live load or soil movement. Moreover, they offer good construction performance. The process of welding PE pipes is easy. Electrical welding is usually used for pipes under 160mm. This type of machine is more flexible, and the output of high-quality PE pipes is high.


An SS Pipe Making Machine is a machine used to manufacture various sizes of stainless steel pipes. It is capable of producing round, rectangular and square pipes. The machine is used in construction and industry for a wide range of purposes. The machine is designed to process the steel belt to form the desired diameter of the pipe. For a seamless and high quality finished product, an SS Pipe Making Machine is a necessity. Here are some of the benefits of this machine.

SS Pipe Making Machines are highly versatile and easy to use. They are available in single or double-sided versions. They have two or four roller sets to accommodate various diameters of SS pipes. The tube materials that can be processed with this machine include stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and galvanized. These machines can also be operated by one worker. Some machines are designed for high production and are fully automated. One worker can operate two machines simultaneously.

An SS Pipe Making Machine is highly versatile and is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is used to make durable pipes of various diameters, shapes, and sizes. The SS Pipe Making Machines manufactured by Shivam Engineering have excellent durability and are a popular choice for many industries. They are easy to operate and can be replaced easily with new molds. The machine also has a fixed structure, making it very stable.

Conical double screw extruder

A double screw extruder for pipe-making is an efficient machine used in the plastics industry. Its twin screw configuration forces resins to melt evenly at a predetermined temperature. The extruder’s temperature controllers are located in the cooling and heating elements, preventing the products from warping or deforming. The Ormon brand is an example of a temperature controller that meets all specifications.

There are many advantages of the twin screw extruder. First of all, you can open the barrel in a few minutes. Secondly, you can change the screw configuration and barrel size easily. You can also choose a screw configuration and barrel setup that meets your process requirements. Moreover, you can choose one that features a light/biological film material. The twin screw extruder has many advantages, but there are also a few disadvantages.

It is possible to make all kinds of PVC pipes and profiles with the help of the conical twin screw extruder. You can use it for pipe making, profile, sheet, or pellets. Another advantage of this machine is its high plasticizing capacity. It is also easy to operate, unlike a single screw extruder, which retains materials longer. This slows down the production time. A conical twin screw extruder is the best choice if you need a machine with a high degree of process flexibility and multiple processes.

The twin screw extruder has two conical pieces that work together in a barrel. It is a high-pressure, dual-screw extruder that can make PVC pipes, WPC profile, and granules. Because of its dual-screw design, it produces compounded products with a high percentage of caco3 plastic. You can add optional equipment to the machine for actual pipe production.

Led light tube machine

The production process of LED light tubes is an integrated one. After picking the light strips, they are glued or fitted with dispensing valves automatically. The assembly part is highly integrated and can achieve automatic soldering of the driver board, second lamp holder, wire cutting, and parallelism rectifying. The length of LED tubes can be customized up to 1.5 m. There are several types of automated assembly equipment. Here, the basic features of the machine are as follows:

LED light tube packaging machines are used to encase packaged products. These machines are the heart of an automated packaging line. The machine places the light tubes on layers of foam packaging. Each layer holds five light tubes. Hence, each carton can contain five layers. The machine is fully automated. It is also compatible with light tube wrapping machines. Its servo motors allow it to work in conjunction with the packaging line. This article provides more information about the LED light tube packaging machine.

Direct-wire LED tubes are ideal replacement for fluorescent lights. To install direct-wire LED tubes, you need to modify an old luminaire. The old luminaires must be converted and fitted with a non-shunted ballast. The installation works should be done by a qualified electrical contractor. However, you can install double-ended LED tubes without any socket changes. However, if you are unsure of how to modify the luminaire, make sure to contact a licensed electrician or electrical contractor.


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