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VlogEasy lets you make vlog videos with no editing. No, seriously…


VlogEasy lets you make vlog videos with no editing. No, seriously…


TLDR: With VlogEasy, you can shoot all your vlog videos in a single take, then let VlogEasy automatically edit it together into a ready-to-post final version.

Vlogging is an art all its own. To sit in front of a camera, talk naturally and stay compelling for several minutes without pauses and ahhs and mistakes and other disruptions is a true talent. In fact, it’s more than just talent to nail several extemporaneous minutes of talking flawlessly. For most of us, it’s practically impossible.

Unfortunately, mistakes mean you need to start editing — and editing requires more time and more attention which slows you down when you really just want to get a video up.

VlogEasy takes a lot of the grunt work out of editing — and in many cases, can actually deliver you an edited, ready-to-post video with no adjustments needed. Right now, a lifetime subscription to this time-saver is available at 85 percent off the regular price, just $129.99 from TNW Deals. 

VlogEasy really does take its name to heart. All you’ve got to do is hit record through your favorite video recording app and start talking. If you get through 30 seconds cleanly, then make a mistake, don’t worry. Just stop talking, pause a moment and redo the section with your error. 

Once you’re done recording, dump your video into VlogEasy and its AI editing capabilities spring into action. The app automatically zeroes in on your pauses, then edits in a jump cut transition to string together all your usable video into one perfectly edited final product in seconds.  

Rather than constant stops and starts or importing a whole handful of video segments to edit together like a jigsaw puzzle, VlogEasy lets you record a video in one take, then does all the editing for you. Of course, if you want to do some fine-tuning, VlogEasy also has all the editing features of comparable apps, so you can tighten, tweak, or even cut up and rearrange video entirely the old fashioned way if needed.

If you like vlogging on the go, VlogEasy also makes it simple to create short clips throughout your day, then auto-render them all together into a clean edited video ready for posting.

Meanwhile, VlogEasy also lets you liven your videos up with a bunch of extra assets, including a huge 5,000+ library of royalty free photos, videos and stickers from sources like Pixabay, PEXELS, Unsplash, Yarn and GIPHY. Just search for the image, meme or video clip you want to drop into your video and you can drag it right in.

All your videos are safely and securely stored to the Cloud and easily access them from any device with VlogEasy. And with aspect ratios from vertical and horizontal to square and 4:3, you can instantly format your video to share via Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and others.

Right now, a lifetime subscription to all of VlogEasy’s services would usually cost almost $900, but right now, it’s on sale for just $129.99. You can also sample VlogEasy right now for shorter periods with similar big discounts, including deals on 1-year ($29.99), 2-year ($49.99) and 3-year ($69.99) plan options.

Prices are subject to change.


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