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Want To Know Which Batteries Are Used In Motorcycles? Read This!!!

Batteries are used in automobiles for igniting the engine, powering the lights, etc. just like automobiles, they are also used in motorcycles (a motorcycle is not considered an automobile). If you own a motorcycle and want to know which type of battery you can use in your motorcycle, then this article is just for you. Because in this article, we will discuss some common motorcycle batteries. Read on to know what these are:

Traditionally, four types of batteries are used in motorcycles, which are listed below:

  • Lithium Powersports battery
  • Conventional battery
  • AGM factory activated maintenance-free battery
  • AGM sealed maintenance-free

Brief information on the above batteries is given below:

Lithium Powersports batteries are the most appreciated type of battery. Because they show maximum efficiency and have a slow discharge rate. Lithium Powersports batteries are of various kinds. The most commonly used is a lithium-ion phosphate battery. It is proven that lithium batteries give better performance in cold temperatures. So, if you live in cold areas, or are planning to visit cold areas, then without any doubt, you should install a lithium battery.

Proceeding to the next, which is conventional batteries. They are lead-acid flooded batteries that need to be filled before first use, and then periodically maintained by refilling. If you want a cheap battery as compared to other battery types that are used in motorcycles, then a conventional battery is the right option for you. 

There is no big difference between AGM factory-activated maintenance-free battery and AGM sealed maintenance-free battery. You may have got the idea by the name of the batteries. AGM sealed batteries are completely sealed units requiring a lot less maintenance than conventional batteries. Whereas, on the other hand, AGM factory-activated batteries are activated at the time of manufacture. All you have to do is put the battery in the motorcycle and enjoy your ride.


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