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What Is Painting And Its Types!!!

Painting is the application of paint or another substance on a solid surface, most commonly a canvas. A paintbrush is widely used to apply paints or other types of color. On the other hand, artists employ a variety of painting tools such as swabs, spray paint, and even knives.

Painting can be done by using various mediums such as oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, digital, ink, encaustic, and fresco. Despite the medium or tool used, painting can be done in any direction, such as portrait or landscape. For example, in oil painting, you can easily do landscape or portrait oil painting as per your choice.


  • Portrait: This painting focuses solely on a person’s face and expressions. A self-portrait is a portrait that depicts the artist oneself. It gives an impression of a vertical painting.
  • Landscape: It displays a magnificent scene with elements such as hills and mountains. Landscapes have risen in popularity throughout time as a result of the high level of ability required to properly depict the view via painting.
  • Still Life: The painter depicts immovable objects in these paintings, which is why they are known as still life paintings. One of the most common and famous topics in this area has been fruits and flowers.
  • Genre: These paintings serve as a reflection of actual life since they depict everyday activities. It can simply be painted to depict people at work or at an event, for example. These paintings depict everyday activities that aren’t out of the ordinary.
  • History Painting: Many people believe that this genre solely includes paintings of historical scenes. However, the phrase is only used to describe paintings that represent a plot with several characters in action while also capturing their feelings.
  • Religious Paintings: The subject matter of these paintings is religious in nature. The Last painting by Leonardo da Vinci also falls within this category. Sacred paintings are another name for these works of art.


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