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Which Types Of Light You Can Use At Stage?

Stage lightings are indeed an essential part of stage performance. Different types of arrangements demand different kinds of lights. For example, if the performance is loud and full of music, then the lights for this kind of performance should be vibrant and can sink with the music.

For the performances like speeches and serious talks, loud moving lights would be inappropriate, so the light should be slow. Whatever the situation is, professional stage lighting should be preferred. Professional lighting will bring a fantastic touch to your performance.

Basic Types 

There are four different basic types of LED stage lights. 

  • PAR cans

When a scenario requires a lot of flat lighting, these are the lights to employ. APAR can is a PAR lamp with a sealed beam that is contained in a can-like device. PAR lights are often accessible at hardware stores and are frequently utilized in architectural lighting.

  • Spotlights

A spotlight is a lamp that projects a narrow, powerful beam of light straight onto a target from any angle. Ceiling Spotlights are one of the most versatile lighting alternatives and are an excellent choice for any environment.

  • Strip lights

A striplight is a stage lighting device with many circuits. Internally, single strip light is frequently divided into three or four circuits. One of the most basic types of lighting fixtures is the striplight. They are generally made up of a row of lamps. 

  • Moving head

Moving head lights are automated lighting systems. This device’s head moves in different directions while the base remains stationary. An LED moving head wash offers super-crisp optics and even output for spectacular effects. They are DMX compatible for easy control and look wonderful on stage.


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