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Month: September 2022

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This article covers the different aspects of a Membrane type in-vessel composter. It covers the CO2 production, Microbial population, Cost, and Airflow control. This article is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to Membrane types and how to select…


Choosing an Animal Manure Compost Machine for Making Organic Fertilizer

When choosing an animal manure compost machine, consider the plant site’s production capacity. Depending on the size of your farm, you can purchase a larger machine or a smaller machine with a smaller production capacity. In addition, you should consider…


The Benefits of a Banknote Sorting Machine

A Banknote sorting machine is a machine that is used to sort different types of currency. It can detect counterfeit money, improve cash management, and reduce human errors. Read on for more information about the benefits of a banknote sorting…


Designing High Speed PCBs

One of the best indicators of high speed design is the presence of problems relating to the integrity of signals. High-speed designs may involve cell phones, motherboards, or distributed systems. For more specific examples, see a high-speed motherboard project or…

Parts customization


In this article, we’ll discuss the biology behind MPO, a heme-containing peroxidase that reacts with H2O2 to oxidize substrates. This enzyme is involved in the breakdown of both white and brown fat. Its role in human health is unclear, but…

Automation Equipment

Electric Motorcycles and Scooters

A plug-in electric motorcycle is a motorcycle that uses a rechargeable battery to power one or more electric motors. These motorcycles have a step-through frame and can be propelled by either an electric motor or a gasoline engine. An electric…