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5 Important Things to Know About a Visual Inspection Machine


With machine vision, you can use a computer system to look at images whether they are recorded or live in order to find out important information. And the great thing about this system is that it can help you tell cats from dogs and distinguish hot dogs from other “similar” objects. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 important things that you may want to know about visual inspection machines.

The great thing about a visual inspection machine is that it can perform repetitive tasks. As a result, you can use this machines in different types of applications. Plus, it involves a lot of flexible approaches. Given below are 5 important things that you may want to learn about visual inspection machines. Read on.

The market is Huge: According to statistics, the global market for visual inspection machines was valued at $19 billion in 2016. And this is a huge number. Aside from this, experts predict that the value of the global market will be $30.8 billion after just two years in 2021.

Easy Sorting: One camera for your machine vision system is enough if you want to reap the benefits of the system. For instance, if you want to sort cookies, you can use just one camera to sort the cookies into different bins. You don’t need a lot of people to do the same amount of work. So, one camera can do all the work.

Quality Control: In any business, the importance of quality can’t be denied. What happens is that robot can scan the objects based on how that object should look like. If there is a difference in the shape, the machine will identify it and send the notification. The process is quite fast. For instance, the visual inspection machine can scan two objects per second.

Neural Networks: This network refers to a type of Artificial Intelligence that boosts the capability of the machine. Aside from this, neural networks can segment images in addition to detect and classify objects much better.

We know that artificial intelligence has been playing a great role in different fields. And this applies to the visual inspection systems as well. In the future, these systems will become faster and much more efficient.

Stereo Vision: With robots, you can use the stereo vision in order to determine the objects position. In other systems, you can use time-of-flight sensors in order to scan objects for creating 3D models.

With the help of stereo vision, your machine vision can detect raised rubber on dark objects like black tires. So, this is how visual inspection machines can get the most out of the stereo vision.

To cut a long story short, if you are thinking of using visual inspection machines to boost your inspection processes, we suggest that you contact a good professional to purchase and install the best machine vision system for your business. Just make you consider some important things when buying one. Hopefully, you will find these points useful.


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