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Are Sanwa Buttons Good?

Sanwa buttons are the most popular brand of arcade buttons. But why?

Lots of other companies make arcade buttons, and I have tried a few out. They all feel roughly the same. So why do people prefer Sanwa buttons?

The Sanwa button is the most common joystick controller in PlayStation, Xbox, and arcade machines. The Sanwa buttons are made by the Sanwa company which is located in Japan. It has been around since 1960. They are considered to be one of the highest quality Japanese components made.

Sanwa buttons are sealed with a rubber gasket which makes them perfect for high usage machines like arcades. They are highly loved because of their durability and performance.

Sanwa arcade buttons are well-loved because they offer quick responsiveness that other buttons lack. They are also well-loved because they last longer than other buttons do. 

Some people say that it’s worth the money to buy Sanwa buttons for your arcade machine because they can last longer without replacement. 

This fact about these buttons is very appealing to the arcade owners who don’t want to have to keep buying new parts for their machines all the time because the parts have broken or worn out after being used so often.

The main reason that Sanwa buttons are so popular is that they feel better when you’re playing games on an arcade machine or on a Playstation 2. The reason that this is true is that they are designed to give you more control over your game character’s actions. You’ll have an easier time moving through levels


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