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Why Reborn Dolls?

A reborn doll is a type of handmade doll that resembles just like an ordinary human baby. The trend of the reborn dolls began at the start of the 1990s when dolls aficionados wanted more realistic dolls. Different techniques were applied to make a doll as resemble a normal human baby as possible.

The hard work of the workers bore fruit and they were able to achieve their goal. A reborn doll is just like a normal baby in appearance and touch. As these are handmade dolls, the person who makes such dolls is known as a reborner.

Structure of the Reborn doll:

Different types of material are used for manufacturing reborn dolls, the foremost material is none other than vinyl. Vinyl dolls kits and play vinyl are considered important materials for manufacturing reborn dolls. Different dyes (i.e. acrylic paint) are used for tanning the skin. The body parts of such dolls are made up of different materials.

For example, eyes are made up of acrylic (methyl methacrylate). Acrylic due to its unique properties ( bright, transparent) is highly preferable to other materials.

Where to buy a reborn doll?

There are various platforms that supply different kinds of reborn dolls. However, the most important thing which should be considered while purchasing a reborn doll is to remember whether the doll which you are purchasing is legit or not. 

If you want to purchase a good quality handmade baby boy, baby girl, or African American reborn doll, you can contact CHILDHOUSE Company. They provide official certificates that their products are highly safe for every individual.


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