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Choosing a Conference System For Your Meeting Room

conference system for meeting room

When buying a conference system for your meeting room, there are several different options. Some of these systems come with built-in software, while others are available for download. There are also options to buy extra equipment, such as a camera or microphones. When looking for a conference room solution, it is best to go for one that comes pre-configured.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms is an innovative conference room system that brings HD video collaboration to any room, enabling in-person and remote participants to work together in real time. The system makes it easy to start a meeting, book a room, and share content. It also includes a virtual receptionist and kiosk mode for engaging with participants during the meeting. Users can customize their messaging, too.

Zoom Rooms is available in two pricing models: free and paid. The price varies by duration and number of participants. There are also different license options, including the ability to record meetings and translate audio and video. The free version is ideal for small to medium-sized meetings, while the paid version supports larger meetings.

Another advantage of Zoom Rooms is its ability to dial-out to any standards-based video conferencing endpoint. Users can also connect to meetings with any of their smartphones, tablets, or PCs. In addition to these features, Zoom Rooms allows users to use their existing hardware to make the switch. Additionally, users can use free or paid licenses of Zoom Meeting to set up conference rooms in their own home.

One of the most important steps when installing Zoom Rooms is determining the right audio solution. Traditional ProAV solutions require hours of programming and installation. Zoom Rooms’ Stem Audio ecosystem is the perfect match for this requirement. Its software is intuitive to use, and no technical expertise is required.

A video-conferencing system that offers easy installation and seamless integration with all existing hardware is an excellent option for businesses. With Zoom Rooms, the setup process is quick and easy. Users can also start a meeting with just a click. Moreover, users can even share their screens, which makes the whole meeting process much easier.

TrueConf Group

With a TrueConf Group conference system for meeting rooms, your business can take advantage of collaboration and unified communications features. This system is compatible with a variety of telephony protocols, including SIP/H.323 protocols and H.239/BFCP protocols. It has customizable window layouts, allowing you to drag presentations to other parts of the screen.

TrueConf Group is a fully featured video conferencing system for meeting rooms. It includes a capture card, Full HD resolution PTZ camera, USB 3.0 connection, Phoenix Audio Spider speakerphone, and more. It also supports up to 8 participants. TrueConf Group is ideal for companies that need to accommodate multiple clients.

In a meeting room, TrueConf can integrate a widescreen monitor and a speakerphone. This system also has a built-in MCU to control the video conferencing software. It comes as a standalone system or in a bundle with other accessories. A PTZ camera, speakerphone, remote control, and a codec are included in the system.

TrueConf Room also has support for wireless content sharing. The system supports both PC-based and mobile devices. The TrueConf Room software is compatible with a range of mini PCs and specialized solutions from TrueConf partners. The software also features a user-friendly application for video conferencing.


If you’re looking for the perfect conference system for your meeting room, Biamp is the brand to consider. With its award-winning networked media systems, Biamp is a trusted name in the industry. Its certified Zoom Rooms conferencing bundles promise a comprehensive audio solution with minimal cable clutter.

The company’s meeting room solutions are perfect for small and collaborative spaces, including huddle rooms. The company’s ABC 2500 Audio Bar incorporates Biamp Audio Intelligence and 27-element microphone array for accurate tracking of conversations across the room. It also features award-winning noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms to deliver crystal-clear audio. It also uses smart speaker technology to adapt speaker performance to meet the acoustic needs of the room.

ATC metering lets you customize the levels and the frequency of your conference room’s audio. You can choose to use a single channel reference or a per channel reference. Biamp’s Parle microphones are compatible with Parle processing blocks. You can find them in the link below.

The Biamp conference system provides an excellent audio solution for up to 11 people. It is easy to install and includes everything you need to outfit a meeting room. With its wireless functionality, it also allows you to integrate Bluetooth audio for a seamless conference experience. The system features 16 table-mounted gooseneck microphones and eight ceiling speaker zones. The system is also compatible with VoIP and USB soft codecs.

To determine the best conferencing system for your meeting room, it is important to measure the noise floor in the room. The sound level should be within the recommended range. An ambient noise floor of 35-40 dB(A) or lower is considered suitable. If it’s higher than that, it will not be suitable for conferencing.


The Devio conference system for meeting rooms combines Biamp’s years of audio experience with the flexibility of a wireless audio system, making it ideal for collaboration spaces. Its microphones provide 360-degree coverage of the meeting room, eliminating barriers to collaboration and allowing each participant to be heard clearly. It works with PC conferencing platforms and uses DisplayLink USB graphics technology to enhance the audio experience.

The Devio CR-1 unit provides full conference-room audio in smaller conference rooms. It is equipped with an auto equalizer and beam-tracking technology to ensure optimal audio in the room. It also supports pass-through HDMI(r) connectivity and works with a variety of web-based conferencing solutions. It is available in two models – tabletop and ceiling-mounted.

The Devio collaboration system fits easily into any space and minimizes clutter. The CR-1 is equipped with a mounting clip that makes it easy to place it on a work surface, behind a display, or on the wall. Another model, the DTM-1, is mounted onto a tabletop, allowing it to be easily accessible to all participants. Both of these models have a remote management feature that helps administrators manage the system remotely.

The Devio combines advanced audio technology with wireless technology to create a truly wireless experience. It has an intelligent beamtracking microphone with a 360-degree coverage area. It intelligently mixes conversations from multiple areas of the room, breaking down any barriers to collaboration. Moreover, it comes with a wireless microphone stand and a table mic that can be easily mounted on a table.

Audio is another important consideration when designing a meeting room. It can be easy to overlook, but it is crucial that the system you choose supports audio. Audio quality is a very important factor, especially when meetings are held in small spaces.


Tesira is an audio and video platform, which combines a network of multipoint audio and video components into a complete audio-visual system. It offers a wide variety of features and options, including the ability to control the audio in a meeting room. Its patented Beamtracking technology enables users to mix conversations from all around the room. It also comes in a package with speakers, a Biamp PoE amplifier, and all necessary mounting accessories.

The Tesira conference system combines advanced technologies with a modern industrial design. It has eight configurable USB audio channels with Acoustic Echo Cancellation on each. It also supports VoIP connections and has AVB and Dante/AES67 digital audio networking. It also has a web interface for setting up the system and allows users to make calls from their computers. It also has a single-cable design, making it easier to install.

The QtCRE is easy to install and integrate with existing control systems. It includes a simple, grid-based deployment tool and includes pre-terminated CAT-3 cables with industry-standard RJ-45 connectors. Depending on the room’s size, the QtCRE can be installed in a variety of locations.

A meeting room is an important area for any business. The majority of middle managers spend at least 30 percent of their time in meetings. Therefore, it is crucial that these rooms be equipped with the right tools to help them achieve their goals. A reliable audio and video system is essential for ensuring a productive meeting.


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