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Choosing a Curved TV

Curved TV

When it comes to choosing a new Curved TV, there are several important features to consider. For example, a new Curved TV will be able to display four times as many pixels as a traditional HDTV. It will also have Dynamic Backlight Control, which will help you highlight details. Its 120Hz native refresh rate will also help you reduce motion blur. This is great for first-person shooters and sports games.

Samsung’s JS9000

The 4K SUHD Samsung JS9000 curve TV features a curved screen that reveals 64X more color expression than conventional HD/UHD televisions. It also supports Smart TV and complies with the Consumer Electronics Association specification guideline requirements for color resolution. Conventional HD/UHD TVs refer to eight-bit color TVs.

The curved screen helps reduce window reflection during daytime viewing. Its silver connection box makes it easy to add new stuff. Its slim design and high-quality build also make it a perfect fit for small rooms. The JS9000 curve TV is an impressive addition to any home.

Samsung is currently the number one selling brand of curved televisions in the world. Its products are available online on the leading online shopping sites including Flipkart, Tata Cliq and Amazon. However, be sure to check the specifications before buying. It is also a good idea to shop around for the best price.

The JS9000 offers excellent image quality thanks to its SUHD technology. Its 65-inch screen delivers stunning contrast and exceptional colour rendition. Its picture is 2.5 times brighter than conventional televisions. Moreover, the TV’s ‘Nano Crystal Color’ tech uses quantum dots to optimize colour accuracy.

A curved screen adds an immersive experience and reveals 64X more color expression than conventional HD/UHD TVs. It also supports Smart TV and has full RGB color resolution. It complies with the Consumer Electronics Association specification guideline. Also, it has a high-quality curved screen, including a soundbar.

The JS9000 features a Samsung Smart TV system powered by Tizen. This open-source operating system is also used on some of Samsung’s phones and smart watches. It also offers an enhanced video sharing feature with Samsung smartphones. Its Sports Live app lets you watch live games. You can also access clips from content partners and the web. It also has an alarm feature for your convenience. Moreover, it has a PlayStation Now gaming service, which enables you to play games without a console.

The Samsung JS9000 curved TV has a curved screen, gray back, and a stable stand. It also has a thin bezel, but it’s far from being the thinnest. If you’re looking for a smaller television with similar features, the Samsung JS8500 might be the best option. It’s cheaper than the JS9000, and it has an edge-lighting backlight.

Another feature of the JS9000 is its Smart Hub, which offers a full web browser. It also recommends content based on what you’ve been watching. You can also share content from your Samsung smartphone with the TV. It runs Samsung’s Tizen operating system and is powered by an Octa-core processor. The JS9000 curve TV supports streaming multimedia content and has inbuilt Wi-Fi and four HDMI ports.

Sony’s KDL-65S990A

The KDL-65S990A is a 65-inch, curved-screen television from Sony. It features brilliant colors and a curved screen for the ultimate viewing experience. It has a powerful angled speaker system and an X-Reality PRO picture engine that delivers exceptional detail and clarity. Its curved screen gives it a truly unique look, and its sound system is equally impressive.

In addition to curved-panel features, this TV supports 3D entertainment. This includes 3D Blu-ray Disc and stereoscopic games. It also has four HDMI inputs and one component video input. The component video input serves as a hybrid port and allows you to connect an additional composite video source. It also includes a second, one-touch remote.

This Sony television also features a powerful audio system. Its 4 channel multi-angle live speaker configuration produces sound that is as good as a dedicated surround-sound system. In addition, it has eight front-facing speakers. Sony claims that the system will deliver superior sound quality to viewers.

It also features Smart Connect, which improves connectivity across devices. With this feature, you can use the TV with your Android or iOS phone. It also features a USB 2.0 port for playing music and viewing photos. Another useful feature is the built-in Wi-Fi.

The picture quality of Sony’s KDL-65S990a Curved TV is impressive. Its X-Reality PRO picture engine creates stunning picture details with a wide range of detail. With the Real Creation database and the Super Resolution processing, this TV optimizes images for incredible detail. The result is a picture that looks more vivid and natural than ever before.

The 65-inch KDL-65S990A Curves TV is already on sale for pre-order. While it does not have Ultra HD resolution, it offers other advantages, including Wi-Fi Direct support, Opera browser, Netflix, and 3D.

The S990A has excellent on-board audio, top tier picture quality, and a wireless LAN connection. However, it is questionable whether it’s worth its price. The Samsung UN65F8000 is a more competitive choice with a better picture quality and better sound quality.

To install the KDL-65S990A Curves TV, it is important to follow certain procedures. Firstly, the television must be unplugged from the power source. It must also be placed in a suitable room and be kept out of reach of small children. You should also make sure that there is sufficient ventilation in the room. The TV should not be exposed to direct illumination or be installed in a reflective material. Furthermore, sudden changes in room temperature can result in moisture condensation, which can negatively affect the picture quality and color reproduction.

Samsung’s Q Engine

When it comes to upscaling, Samsung’s Q Engine for curved TVs stands out above its competitors. The technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve image quality by applying a 5-step algorithm. This includes Image Signal Analysis, Noise Reduction, 4K Up-scaling, and improved 2nd detail. In addition, the Q Engine can upscale content to 8K, which is an impressive feat for a television.

The Q Engine is a key component of Samsung’s QLED TVs. Its technology helps to create beautiful images with a high contrast ratio. It also helps to improve the quality of blacks on the screen. Samsung’s Q Engine features Direct Full Array technology, which places the backlit LEDs behind the screen panel. This enables the manufacturer to control the brightness of the screen with precision and accuracy. The Q Engine also supports the latest Motion Rate 240, which allows for smooth action and fast-moving content. Moreover, the Q Engine features an exclusive Invisible Connection cable and a no-bezel design.

Its Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to access your favorite apps, share content, and screen-mirror with your smart devices. It also has four HDMI inputs and three USB ports. It also offers a smart feature that mimics the patterns of your walls and displays useful information and photos from your smartphone.

The Q7C arc is an impressive visual spectacle. It combines Q Color technology with an anti-glare screen to push color boundaries. This unique color technology is only available on flagship QLED TVs. It also boasts 100% Color Volume, which revitalizes color in challenging content.

The Samsung 7 Series Curved 65 QLED TV is arguably the best curved TV currently available. This series boasts 4K UHD resolution and a curved screen that’s designed to be more immersive than a normal one. The picture quality of this television is outstanding, and the viewing angle is great.

Samsung’s smart TVs also come with a built-in web browser. This makes it easy to access a variety of web services directly from the television. Previously, browsing the web on a television required additional devices or screen mirroring. With the Samsung TV’s Tizen web browser, you can access popular video services such as YouTube directly from your TV.

The web browser on Samsung smart TVs is more cumbersome than a mouse, but it offers a variety of benefits. One of the most notable benefits is that you don’t have to switch from your computer to navigate the Internet. You can access the web browser directly from your TV via the Smart Hub or the Home button.


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