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Cleaning the Shade Sail Fabric: Tips

The fabric of your shade sail fabric will outshine the sun. However, dirt and discoloration can spoil this impression quickly. Leaves can still be removed easily, but it becomes more difficult with stains such as bird droppings or mold. Air pollution such as soot particles can become an issue, especially on roads. 

If the shade sail fabric is not dirt-repellent and self-cleaning, the particles will settle in the fabric and cause the colors to fade. Either you get help from a professional and decide on one professional cleaning – or you can use water, brush, and cleaner yourself.

The basic equipment for your shade sail fabric cleaning: a hand brush or a soft broom with a telescopic handle, plus a ladder if necessary. You can easily reach any part of your shade sail fabric to remove dry dirt such as leaves, sand, or pollen. You should sweep them off regularly – and in any case before you retract your shade sail fabric. 

Because after the next rain, the dirt could otherwise become the ideal breeding ground for moss or mold. Important: Only sweep lightly over the shade sail fabric. If you press on too hard, you will achieve the opposite: you rub the dirt particles even deeper into the fabric and then have to clean the fabric with a damp cloth.

Are you planning to thoroughly clean your shade fabric? Then liquid mild detergent is ideal. If you want to buy a special cleaning agent, it should always be an approved shade cloth cleaner. This ensures that the material and fabric colors survive the procedure well. For cleaning with mild detergent, use warm soapy water – maximum 30 degrees.


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