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Are you about to get a dog, or would you like to know if you have already done all the necessary errands for your new darling? Our complete list of dog accessories will give you an overview of what you need or could need for a dog in the household.

Dry food: When it comes to food, you are spoiled for choice: there is dry food for puppies as well as young, adult, and older dogs – as well as types such as organic food, diet food, or food for people with allergies.

Wet food: When it comes to wet food, the age of the dog and its special nutritional needs should also be taken into account. Grain-free dog food is also available!

Snacks: Dog biscuits, treats, and natural chewing snacks can also be bought as a reward, for dental care, and as a small snack in between meals.

Special food: Special food such as BARF and frozen food or food supplements such as flakes, oils, tablets or powder are sometimes part of your dog’s diet.

Harness: The dog harness is used for training and education, for walking, or for buckling up in the car (see below).

Collar: The leash and possibly dog ​​tags and tags are attached to the dog collar. It is best to buy them with built-in reflectors!

Leash: The dog leash having a snap hook at one end is available, for example, as a towing leash, retractable leash, coupled for two dogs, or with a waist belt for the master.

Muzzle: A muzzle is mandatory in some places and comes in the form of a basket or muzzle loop.

Dog tag: The tag for the dog collar can be engraved with the dog’s name and your phone number, for example. Address, illuminated and safety tags are also available.


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