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As the number of factories and power plants is increasing day by day, the rate of air and water pollution is also increasing. Such industries and power plants produce tons of harmful gasses that are released directly into the air causing air pollution which can lead to airborne diseases. Same like that, the waste produced by such industries is dumped in water which increases water pollution and ultimately increases the level of waterborne diseases.

According to the Environmental Protection Department, since 1987 numerous industries have dumped almost 600 million pounds of harmful substances including toxic nitrate and ammonia. Which not only affects marine life but also human beings. Because such water is used for drinking and other purposes. The polluted water can cause serious diseases including malaria, cholera, typhoid, giardiasis, hepatitis A, amoebiasis, and many other diseases. 

Keeping this point under consideration, engineers put a lot of effort and invented an elegant device which is known as a water purifier. As the name suggests, the device which is helpful in purifying the water is known as a water cleanser or water purifier. Now, one can stay safe from waterborne diseases by installing a water purifier at its place. 

A water purifier can help in eliminating various deadly pathogens from water and can help improve the quality of the water. If you want to make your immune system strong and live a long life, it is important to drink clean and fresh water which is now only possible by a water purifier. You can contact Guangzhou Olansi Water Treatment Co., Ltd for buying an advanced type of water purifier at a reasonable price.


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