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Heat Press Machine – Back to Basics


Heat press machines are an ideal choice for those who operate a gift printing business. If you also want to start this business, experts suggest that you give a go to heat press machines. Choosing one is a piece of cake if you take into account your business needs first. Given below is a description of different types of these machines that may help you choose one without any problem.

Heat Press Machines

Primarily, heat press machines come in two basic types. They are known as swing-away machines and clam machines. Let’s know a bit about both the types and their prominent features. Afterwards, you will read about other features that you should look for when buying one.

Clam Heat Press:

A clam heat press comes with a platen on its top that can be elevated. When the machine is in operational mode, this platen goes up. On the other hand, the lower platen tends to slide towards the operator of the machine. What makes this machine great is that it won’t take a lot of room. So, you can install it even in a small room. For a small workplace, this machine is a great choice.

Swing-away Heat Press:

This press works in a different way. Unlike the clam type, the upper platen of this machine moves up and side-to-side as well. The fact of the matter is that most of these press machines come with platens that can be moved around 100 degrees. So, you have a lot of flexibility when using this press.

Size matters

As with any other machine, the size of these machines carries a lot of significance. The machine should be large enough to get the required job done in a timely fashion. However, if you have a small business, you can do with a small press as well. For big businesses, big machines are required.


As the name suggest, analog machines use the old technology while the digital ones use the latest technology. You know that digital machines are a lot smarter than analog ones. In other words, digital machines are easy to use and provide better performance. But they cost more; however, the additional cost gives you a lot of useful features.


As with any other machine, a heat press has lots of components; however, few machines come with necessary attachments. The thing is that you may have to connect a special and additional component in order to make the machine do what you want it to do. As a matter of fact, you will need different attachments in order to make the machine work based on your needs.

Long story short, if you need a good heat press machine, what you need to do is take a look at different machines prior to paying for one. You don’t want to end up buying a press that won’t be big or fast enough to produce the required number of products. Price also matters. You will pay more if you are looking to buy a large machine. But a large machine will be capable of producing a large amount of products in a short period time.


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