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Polypropylene bags are the type of packaging that has been used successfully.

Polypropylene bags are the type of packaging that has been used successfully in various areas for the storage and transportation of food and non-food products in bulk. We have the best polypropylene bags for each type of cargo and industry.

  • Technology and products.
  • With or without polyethylene insert.
  • Laminated and non-laminated.
  • Normal strength and increased strength.
  • Light and reinforced.

Because poly bags are cheap, reliable, and easy to use, there are three main areas that you can’t do without poly bags. Let’s take a closer look at each direction. You can also always ask the VIAL company manager for help if he has trouble selecting a particular product.


The agribusiness is more aggressive in the use of polypropylene bags during the harvest season, especially for grains. We also store cereals, various seeds, vegetables and fruits and we buy mineral fertilizers. The polypropylene fabric “breathes” so the fertilizer can be stored for more than a year. The main thing is not in the open air, since exposure to ultraviolet light can alter the layout of the printed circuit board.

Retail and wholesale:

Today, companies and organizations that are engaged in retail, small-scale wholesale, wholesale, and others know that it is better to buy polypropylene bags than to consider choosing other packaging. They are fully compliant, environmentally friendly, tear-resistant, and have a variety of capacities.

There is always the best type of polypropylene bag for each product. For small batches, containers with a capacity of 5-10 kg are provided and for bulk purchases or sales, bags of up to 50 kg are provided. You can also easily purchase extra capacity and custom sized bags. There are big bags (soft containers) to handle large flows of cargo.


Production and supply of building materials, provision of repair equipment such as sand, cement, gravel, foamed clay, lime, collection of construction waste after construction – this is just one of the tasks that are solved with the help of polypropylene.


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