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Installing A Water Filter System

Many people are already convinced of reverse osmosis systems and the health-promoting osmosis water obtained from them. Advanced technology must be connected to a complicated connection? Exactly not! Today you will learn how to connect your osmosis system.

The tap water supply for your system is turned to your existing water tap using an adapter. No tools are required – apart from possibly a pair of pliers for very tight closure! You use a switch to determine when the osmosis system is filled with water.

In the system, the tap water is now cleaned by filters and membranes and is available to you as pure osmosis water. The wastewater, which unfortunately occurs during the treatment of the water, is routed from the system directly into the sink via a hose or hidden under the sink with a wastewater clamp.

This type of connection is very easy! But for those who value a beautiful look, saved space, and hidden hoses, there is still the aesthetic way!

The second way how to connect your reverse osmosis system is necessary for all systems with more power. They require a higher water pressure than the systems mentioned above and can therefore not be fed directly from the tap.

Most of our particularly powerful systems require a water pressure of between 1 and 3 bar. A pressure of 3 bar is actually standard in all houses. If you have very old pipes or live on a high floor in an old house, your water pressure can be less than 3 bar. However, even that is not a problem, because there are suitable booster pumps for such cases.

The systems that require the following connection are under-table osmosis systems. They are hidden under the sink or similar and make the osmosis water obtained available via an extra tap or a 3-way tap (cold/warm tap water and osmosis water).


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