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How to Be a Human Sex Machine – And Make Every Woman Want to Have Sex With You


What man would not want to become a complete sex stud and make women reach orgasm again and again? In the real world, though, not a lot of men know how to achieve this particular status. In fact, in the world of men, most of them fall short in trying to make women reach earthshaking orgasms.

Have you ever wondered how you could make women reach orgasms repeatedly? What tactics exist that can guarantee this and how can you learn them as quickly as possible? Here are 3 tactics you have to know if you wish to become the greatest male sex machine on earth…

How To Be A Human Sex Machine – And Make Every Woman Want To Have Sex With You

Tactic Number One: The Rollercoaster Tactic.
Keep your woman begging for more with this smart sex tactic. While having sexual intercourse with a woman, try bringing together both fast and slow movements.

Begin with a slow and nice speed before increasing that pace steadily until she is just about to reach climax and then suddenly slow things down. This will make her absolutely wild with reckless abandon. After you slow things down, you should then speed things up again until she actually reaches climax. Use this cool tactic to help increase your woman’s orgasm intensities.

Tactic Number Two: The Interest Tactic.
Find out what your woman likes and follow it. The simplest way to make women get the greatest orgasms ever would be with two basic words: ask her. Do not walk into the bedroom thinking you are a stud who knows what women want and how to give them what they want.

Chances are, you have no idea what she wants. Every woman happens to be different. Therefore, the simplest way to find out how to keep a woman happy in the bedroom would be to ask her about her likes and dislikes and to listen to whatever she has to say.

Tactic Number Three: The Foreplay Tactic. If you truly wish to make women reach great orgasms, you need to begin with providing them with awesome foreplay. Make use of your hands, your tongue, your voice, and your mouth. Use all of the tools you have to make her wet before she even loses a single piece of clothing.


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