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Know About Various Types Of Batteries Through This Post

A battery is nothing but a group of various cells that are connected in a series to make it a long line for the flow of current. For making a closed circuit electrodes are used i.e. cathode and anode. The first and last cell of the battery is joined with their respective electrode. Electrons start flowing from one electrode i.e. cathode through the entire circuit.

Electrode usually, contains a liquid in which various chemical reactions take place and cause the flow of current. After a certain time when this liquid is totally consumed or somehow no longer to be used in a chemical reaction, it stops generating electricity.

Basically, there are 4 main types of electric batteries that are commonly used in an electric vehicle.

All types of batteries are versatile and have significant advantages. Other than an ordinary li-ion battery, AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery is also being used in an electric automobile. Basically, the AGM battery is the most advanced form of the li-ion battery. The Absorbent Glass Mat battery is non-spillable and does not require to be maintained.

AGM batteries are highly suitable for greater electric demand. It gives higher power support to huge vehicles. Other than electric cars, the bigger truck can also use this AGM battery because of its various positive points.

Moreover, AGM batteries are simple to recharge and extremely robust. These are the qualities that any electric automobile needs to operate and that is why an AGM battery is an ideal option. The current Toyota Prius is one example of an electric vehicle that employs an AGM battery.


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