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Know About Various Types Of Microphones Through This Post!!!

Microphones, like any other piece of audio gear, will change the sound of your speech. However, some microphones catch voice more precisely than others. Hence, all microphones change the sound in some manner. Furthermore, how you perceive your own voice differs from how it actually sounds.

The majority of microphone that is being used these days are wireless because wireless microphone has some advantages in the conference room. It takes less time to read material than it does to enter it on a keyboard. When utilized in conjunction with a voice activation system, it can increase both safety and security.

Basically, wireless microphones have 4 distinctive types:

Dynamic Microphones

Electromagnetic induction is used in dynamic microphones to transform sound waves into electronic signals. They’re long-lasting and adaptable. When recording high SPL sources like drums, guitar amps, horns, and vocalists, dynamic microphones are less prone to overload and distortion than condenser mics.

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

Large-diaphragm condensers are better for recording vocals. It is because they offer a more well-rounded frequency response. Condenser microphones operate by converting acoustic vibrations into an electrical current via a capacitor (or condenser). It also implies they’re a lot more sensitive than dynamic microphones.

Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

Small diaphragm condensers feature excellent transient response, a long top end, and repeatable pickup patterns. Despite their small size, they’re just as valuable. The highest high-end response usually comes from small-diaphragm condensers. Hence, they are ideal for recording instruments.

Ribbon Microphones

An excellent ribbon mic provides the most authentic sound reproduction. Its frequency range is the most similar to human hearing; thus, audio isn’t as loud as condensers or dynamics, but vocalists and instruments sound incredibly clear and realistic.


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