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Wincor ATM Parts

Wincor ATM Parts

wincor atm parts

If you’re in the market for Electro Magnetic Components (EMC) parts, you might be wondering what brands and types are available. In this article, we’ll look at Wincor, Longtop Group, and EMC. These companies offer a variety of ATM parts, so it’s best to research them before you purchase. Here are some common Wincor atm parts and their corresponding EMC internal part numbers:

Electro Magnetic Components (EMC)

If your ATM is experiencing intermittent or non-operational issues, you need to order the right spare part. Electro Magnetic Components is a manufacturer of magnetic card reader heads for ATM machines. Whether you are replacing a single ATM magnetic head or an entire machine, EMC offers high-quality parts for ATMs. Electro Magnetic Components stocks many types of magnetic card reader heads including LoCo and HiCo.

If your ATM has stopped working, Electro Magnetic Components has a large inventory of replacement parts to fix it. They have high-quality magnetic card reader heads, rollers, belts, feed shafts, and pick lines. Their spare parts are made in the US, are available today, and are shipped the same day. The company also offers technical support. Electro Magnetic Components is a global ATM parts supplier. Their website features pictures and part numbers so you can easily find the exact part you need.

Longtop Group

If you are in need of ATM parts, you should consider purchasing from a company like ACG. ACG is the largest provider of stocked ATM parts in the industry, and its customers include financial institutions and retail companies. The company has multiple warehouse locations and ships parts quickly. In addition to stocking parts for your ATM, ACG also offers a customer web portal to track your order, review your account status, and submit service requests.

Electro Magnetic Components

If you have a Wincor ATM, you can buy replacement parts from Electro Magnetic Components. We specialize in high quality magnetic card reader heads, feed shafts, rollers, and pick lines. We have many ATM spare parts in stock, and we ship them fast! We offer both HiCo and LoCo magnetic card reader heads. All of our ATM spare parts are made in the USA. If you need a part right away, we can ship it to you the same day!

The card reader reads the account information from the magnetic strip on a customer’s card. This data is then passed to a host processor. The processor interprets the retrieved data and displays the account information to the customer. Other components include a keypad, a display screen, and a cash dispenser. These parts are crucial to the overall functioning of an ATM. You can’t afford to make a mistake with these parts.

If your ATM breaks down, it’s crucial to replace the parts that are broken or worn out. These Electro Magnetic Components are available in various types. You can replace the parts in your ATM yourself, or take them to a trusted ATM repair service. There are a number of ATM spare parts available for you to choose from. Make sure to check out our online ATM parts store to make sure you get the best deals. If you need spare parts for your Wincor ATM, we have many types to choose from.


Electro Magnetic Components (EMC) specializes in ATM spare parts. Their products include high quality magnetic card reader heads, rollers, belts, feed shafts, and pick lines. EMCC ATM parts are US made and manufactured with high standards of quality. They are always in stock and ship out the same day. They carry replacement parts for both older and newer ATMs. Listed below are some of the most commonly required ATM parts.

If you need a spare part for a specific ATM, try searching for it online. All you need to do is input the part name and part number in the search box. Once you have found the correct part, you can proceed to purchasing it. Make sure you choose a reputable company with a good reputation. You can even get your Wincor ATM parts from a service provider that offers a warranty. Alternatively, you can search for the specific part on the manufacturer’s website.


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