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Rehabilitation Training Equipment

Rehabilitation Training Equipment

Rehabilitation training equipment

There are many options available in terms of rehabilitation training equipment. Exerbotics, Keiser, MeyerPT, and ExerBand are some of the most popular options. Read on to learn more about each and how they can help you. A therapist can provide more information and recommendations on the type of exercise equipment to use. These equipments are also ideal for home use. You may also want to try some rehab exercise tubing to do at home.


For centuries, people have aimed to master the human body to slow down the aging process and improve their appearance. The last thirty years have given rise to new industries, training techniques, and exercise equipment that have promised to do the same. However, the industry has also given rise to false hopes. Exerbotics is an example of rehabilitation training equipment that is scientifically designed to train the human body to respond to individual differences.

These fitness equipments are like car seats that automatically adjust to the body type of the user and keep track of the exercise preferences. They are currently exclusive to Exercise Coach gyms. Before, this type of equipment could only be found in medical facilities and luxury gyms. But Exerbotics has changed all of that. With its new and advanced technology, these machines are now more affordable than ever before. For the average person, they cost only a fraction of what their conventional machines cost.

The latest models of Exerbotics’ fitness machines are made for those with various types of injuries. They provide every resistance type, including pulsating force and inertia. The pulsating force features a vibrating setting. The rotary-turbulence-based training equipment allows users to simulate ballistic movements. Exerbotics also has a line of traditional fitness equipment for the home and office.


Keiser’s line of functional strength training machines provides a complete range of options to fit any rehab or athletic program. These machines have zero-starting resistance, allowing users to safely increase their power output as they increase speed. The patented free-moving pneumatic technology helps users experience zero-shock loading on their muscles. These rehabilitation training machines are a great choice for performance athletes or those undergoing cardiac rehab. And, with their versatility, Keiser rehabilitation equipment is perfect for any rehab facility, from hospitals to fitness centres.

Keiser’s complete range of fitness equipment includes single-station strength pieces, hybrid power racks, cable machines, and cardio. The equipment is ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the body while delivering the optimal level of exercise for the individual. With adjustable resistance and weights from 0.1 kg to 50 kg, Keiser products allow almost anyone to benefit from the benefits of strength training. These fitness machines also offer numerous features to help the rehab facility manage its clients’ needs.

The Keiser M7i Wheelchair-Accessible Total Body Trainer is a perfect choice for those in wheelchairs or standard chairs. Its unique design allows patients to exercise even when sitting. This specialized exercise machine is perfect for cardiac rehab and physiotherapy. It features pneumatic resistance, which reduces the chances of slowing down due to gravity. Keiser’s total body trainer is made of high-quality materials that can be used in the home or facility to help people with disabilities recover faster.


The MeyerPT rehabilitation training equipment is designed to provide patients with a variety of workout options, including aquatic exercises, agility and plyometrics, balance and stability, and work hardening and rehab workouts. These products come in convenient wall-mounting systems, and they also feature storage units. The compact design and easy installation make it ideal for home use or in medical practices. Here are some examples of the most popular workout stations:

Choosing and purchasing therapy equipment can be time-consuming, so physical therapists and rehabilitation facilities often turn to MeyerPT. In addition to offering the highest quality rehabilitation training equipment available, MeyerPT is committed to providing superior customer service and unparalleled expertise. In addition to competitive pricing, qualified buyers can also take advantage of their 90-day deferral or staggered payment plans. If you’re not sure whether you’ll need equipment right away, get in touch with a local sales manager for more information.


ExerBand rehabilitation training equipment is a flexible resistance tubing system designed to meet the needs of a variety of fitness and rehab users. Its low cost and versatility make it an ideal option for home, clinics, and traveling. It comes in several configurations and five resistance levels, ensuring that every user can find the perfect level of resistance for their needs. The ExerBand can be customized to fit any space, so that a variety of exercises can be performed.

The tubing from ExerBand rehabilitation training equipment can be used with a variety of products. The ExerBand Fitness Bar works well with a fitness bar or a Web Slide Exercise Rail System for complete body resistance training. This equipment is perfect for rehabilitation and injury recovery and can be used three to four times per week, depending on the individual’s goals. A folding instruction sheet and photos of exercises help individuals get started.

The Web-Slide Exercise Rail is a simple and convenient way to attach the ExerBand. It’s an excellent addition to any fitness program. The ExerBand exercise tubes can be adjusted to five resistance levels. Choosing a suitable resistance level for each patient will determine how effective the ExerBand rehabilitation training equipment is. Its versatile construction means it’s easy to move the tubing around and allows for multiple exercises at once.


TheraBand rehabilitation training equipment incorporates TheraBand(r) products in its design. The system utilizes multi-dimensional movement and three planes of motion for a customized rehabilitation program. The rehabilitation equipment enables flexibility when setting up patients and charting exercises. The rehabilitation training equipment can be easily transported from one location to another. Its portable base is convenient for travel and storage. It’s designed to fit in a 6′ x 6′ space.

TheraBands come in four resistance levels. Resistance levels can be increased or decreased over time. Resistance bands that are too light or too heavy will not be effective, and the other way around. While a simple exercise tool, it is critical to choose the right resistance for the condition. An excessively heavy band may cause strain and injury. To use TheraBands, check the product’s weight before attempting it.

TheraBand resistance bands feature color-coded resistance levels for easy selection. This system makes it easy to find the right level of resistance for each exercise. Users can also double-up the bands and use two pieces of equal length. High-grade resistance bands are also available, and provide higher levels of resistance for elite athletes and advanced rehabilitation. If you’re just starting out, a basic flat band is ideal. It’s a versatile piece of equipment for many muscle exercises.

PhysioCycle XT Recumbent Cycle

When purchasing recumbent cycling equipment, it’s important to take into consideration the space you have available. PhysioCycle models utilize silent electronic resistance and magnetic drive systems to minimize the impact on your body while riding. Because of these features, the PhysioCycle XT is the perfect choice for people recovering from sports injuries and for people who want to get in shape.

PhysioCycle XT recumbent bike offers users a total body workout with 7 programs and eight levels of resistance. Its multi-colored LCD display provides an easy-to-read readout of your heart rate, speed, calories, and other data. It also has a built-in water bottle holder. The PhysioCycle XT recumbent cycle is suitable for home and healthcare facilities.

The PhysioCycle XT Recumbed Cycle offers comfort, ergonomic design, and advanced features. The reclining position of the seat makes it ideal for rehabilitation. It puts you in a comfortable reclining position, making it ideal for people recovering from an injury or illness. And with eight resistance levels and an integrated pulse monitor, this bike will challenge your cardio-vascular system and your muscle strength.


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